Bot frameworks

Bot frameworks

WhosOn offers native integrations into the leading bot frameworks. Namely, IBM Watson, Amazon Lex, Dialogflow and Azure Bot.

This means that you can plug the best bot into a feature-rich live chat service – all while using the technology that best suits your ecosystem. Here’s what you need to know:

• WhosOn includes a server service built to handle bot clients

• This service is designed to integrate with third-party bot frameworks

• After choosing your framework, you can configure your bot to suit your needs

• This configuration is achievable either via XML file, or individually against bot users

• If no bot framework is used, the bot service can still reply to canned response matches

  • Help desk

  • Engagement

  • Agent tools

  • Reporting

  • Analytics

  • AI

  • Management

  • Customisation

  • Multi-platform

  • Security

  • Chatbot

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