Chat Bots for Live Chat

The perfect blend of automation and engagement

Chat bots are the next frontier in customer service. Not only are consumers open to AI in customer care, the majority of their queries are best placed for bots. For you, that means an opportunity to unlock enormous cost savings.

chatbot deployment

Deploying a bot on your website

Bots work best when used specifically. For a generalist customer conversation, chatbots aren’t ideal. For routine tasks, however, chatbots are the perfect tool.

A good chatbot deployment is efficient and invisible. The end user should move forward without friction, without frustration, and without conscious awareness of handoffs between AI and agent.

AI in action

So, how can chatbots help your customers? There are five main areas.

Account management

Paying employees to deal with basic account management tasks is slow, tedious, and costly. Let a chatbot take over.

Chatbots can handle password resets quickly and expertly. They can update contact details. They can check when a customer’s bill is due. They can check the delivery status of items. In short, chatbots can automate all your monotonous account requests, so agents can focus their energy elsewhere.

chatbot account management
concierge chat bot service
Customer service

Most of the queries you get through your website will be FAQ. These common, uncomplicated questions are best left to a bot.

A chatbot can recognise key words and phrases, and respond with the correct answer. By matching queries with pre-set messages in its database, a bot can assist users quickly and deftly. And if, at any point, the bot is out of its league, it can seamlessly transfer the chat to an agent.

Online engagement

You haven’t got time to attend to every individual website visitor. A chatbot has. By deploying a bot, you get an inexpensive, ongoing way to engage your web visitors.

A chatbot can monitor all your website touchpoints. And it can do so all the time. From sending a welcome message to visitors, to offering automated help to stalled shoppers, to displaying deals to consumers about to exit site, chatbots can assist at every point in the customer journey.

smart routing
simulate conversation

Conversational automation stimulates conversions. A chatbot is the perfect sales partner, working your website floor 24/7.

For example, a visitor can use your bot as a store assistant. Rather than searching through your site, the visitor can simply ask the chatbot for the item they’re looking for. The bot can then retrieve that item, suggest similar products, answer any product questions, and take the user through to cart.

Concierge support

A bot gives your website a receptionist. Not only can it greet visitors upon entry, it’s also capable of a comprehensive concierge service.

A chatbot can take names and needs, replacing the need for a pre-chat survey form. It can then route chat users through to the relevant agent, or keep them posted while they wait in a queue. For an added thoughtful touch, it can gauge a customer’s interest and suggest useful content.

chatbot concierge
chatbot ai and agent routing

Integrating AI and agents

AI and agents work better together. With WhosOn, your bot and your employees can tag-team to whizz through more customer interactions, more efficiently.

At all times, your agents get a real-time view of what the bot is saying to customers, and can step in and out as necessary. Agent take-overs are smooth and subtle, with the consumer remaining in one uninterrupted thread.

This tag-teaming between bot and agent allows you to create an experience as quick as it is slick. And because all chat activity takes place in a unified platform, you can manage, measure, and train bots and humans simultaneously, from a central location.

Under the bot bonnet

WhosOn is a live chat leader. IBM Watson is an AI leader. When you use our chatbot, you’re backed by the full weight of both businesses and both specialisms.

We’ve built our bot in close partnership with IBM Watson. The result is an elegant chatbot platform that merges the very best of chat software with the very best of artificial intelligence.

Our bot isn’t a stand-alone start-up product. It’s part of a comprehensive, long-standing live chat solution with a full feature-set, and the best expertise in the business.