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WhosOn is the live chat software you can trust. We’re leaders in chat security, and we pull out every stop to make sure your data stays protected. With WhosOn, every connection is encrypted, every session secure.

So, how do we keep your chat data safe?

Secure connections

Any chat session powered by WhosOn is established via a secure connection. All connections are secured over an initial 2048 bit RSA exchange followed by an exchange of, at minimum, a 128-bit session key, produced through an SHA-256 certificate.

This uses a trusted public certificate authority, to ensure the authenticity of the Parker Software application server. Plus, all requested connections are monitored and filtered by our firewalls.


We use state of the art data centres to house our applications and servers. By capitalising on the world-leading technology of our data centre partners, we can offer maximum physical and network security.

Your chat data sits within a centre that is monitored 24/7. Security measures include onsite guards, surveillance cameras, fire detection, biometric authentication, and just about any other procedure conceivable. Non-physical safety is just as strong. Your data is protected by the best software the market has to offer – coupled with the best security policies and processes.

User management

User management is fundamental to your live chat security strategy. User authentication and user authorisation through access rights are vital components of protecting your data – which is why both are available through WhosOn.

You can set up user accounts for the agents who will be operating WhosOn. Each account has a unique username and password, with customisable access rights and permission levels to match the user’s role or requirement. For heightened security, you can also create user rules at a granular level, adding login restrictions or disabling specific functionalities.

Privacy and cookies

We know that your privacy policies are an essential part of the trust you share with your customers. As your live chat software provider, we’re committed to honouring that trust.

So, your information is safe with WhosOn. We’ll never sell, rent or lease any data to third parties, and we’ll never store sensitive information in cookies. Your data belongs to you alone, and we’ll store it securely for 7 years on your behalf, as standard.

HR security

Security threats don’t only come from the outside. Particularly where customer data is concerned, breaches and leaks are often directly attributable to employees – either through user error or failure to practice proper cyber hygiene.

That’s why security is an integral part of our employee code of conduct. As well as performing reference and background checks, we also offer ongoing security training to every employee, no matter which team they sit in. That’s not to mention our dedicated security division, data protection procedures, strict password and user access, and confidentiality rules. Combined, this makes our employees an asset to the overall security of our solution.

GDPR compliance

Software, in itself, cannot be GDPR compliant. Companies and processes can. We can work with you to ensure that your use of WhosOn is fully compliant, and have a team of in-house security experts whose GDPR knowledge is second to none.

From a company perspective, Parker Software has rigorous GDPR measures in place. We’re committed to managing data sensitively and ethically – as evidenced by the procedures above. When you partner with Parker Software, you can do so with full peace of mind.

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