WhosOn finchat: an overview

WhosOn powers AI-infused chat technology for financial institutions. The solution fuses the smartest live chat innovations into a streamlined platform that spans bots, omnichannel switching, API integrations, conversational automation, and more.

All coded to meet the cybersecurity needs of regulated FS industry.

Simply, WhosOn finchat represents a smoother, faster and more holistic way for financial services vendors to connect with consumers. But how? Here’s an overview of our finchat offering.

Binding the FS contact centre tech stack together

WhosOn can sit within a custom FS application, inside a third-party platform, on a website, or any desired touchpoint. It can pull in SMS messages, send replies as an email or text, and enable in-chat telephone calls. Then, it can sync chat data to a CRM, reporting platform, dashboard, or anywhere with an API.

So, via open-ended API potential and rich inbuilt integrations, WhosOn enables data fluidity across a multitude of financial services channels and platforms.

Melding human advisors with AI

Next, WhosOn enables a hybrid conversational team that merges FS chat advisors with AI chatbots. This team support works two-ways, with both advisors and bots seamlessly assisting the other.

Human operators can monitor bot conversations and step in and out as needed. But chatbots can also ‘whisper’ robo-advice to operators – suggesting a response to an FAQ, or retrieving customer account information from a database to inform the session, for example.

Sophisticated functionality combined with flexible deployment

Further, the advanced WhosOn feature-set offers a smarter way to communicate with consumers. FS brands can tap into finchat functionality including:

A uniquely powerful platform

Together, these benefits form a uniquely powerful finchat platform that customers can turn to their strategic and commercial advantage. This is especially true when combined with our proven delivery and expertise in the financial services space.

WhosOn customers include the likes of Worldpay, Aviva, Moneymart, Geoffrey Insurance, AON, and Ameria Bank – to name but a few. Each customer has used the platform’s advanced range and flexibility to craft the ideal finchat solution for their brand.

Customer examples
  • Credit One Bank

For Credit One Bank, WhosOn enables a specialist set-up to meet the needs of strict payment legislation. Here, WhosOn’s flexibility allows for restricted chat, for regulated conversation. Operators are not permitted to free-type messages to customers.

Instead, conversations run through the selection of a series of pre-approved messages and smart triggers. And, for further security, WhosOn was delivered on-premises, and supported by onsite training to an offshore contact centre.

  • • Worldpay

With strict security measures in place, WorldPay can only deploy their own code from their own offices. So, we built a collaborative, integrated environment which allows WorldPay to deploy staging and production code from their own offices onto our WhosOn servers.

All served via a uniquely hosted rollout, with on-premises installation in Saudi Arabia and a dedicated cloud server deployment in Bahraini.

  • A UK insurance leader (NDA in place)

Due to their custom encryption policy, our customer required a dedicated live chat server encrypted end to end in accordance. We delivered this as well as a complex reporting set-up which extracted meaningful data whilst maintaining encryption.

The client also benefits from a custom web dashboard showcasing real-time live chat stats. (Again, delivered whilst working against an encrypted database.) Plus, WhosOn automates a back-end data flow into the client’s feedback system, Rant and Rave.

  • A Saudi Arabian bank (NDA in place)

Our client requires a stringent encryption and user validation process. Chat requests initiate from inside the user’s mobile banking app (only permitted from a logged-in state) and pass through an encrypted server. If proof of identity is not validated, chat is not permitted.

This not to mention the integration of WhosOn into the central website, a logged-in customer portal area and a custom mobile banking application. Or the provision of a dual-language localisation, with real-time translations running back and forth between English and Arabic. Or the build of a unique credit card masking process that works across both English and Arabic numerals.

Finchat feedback

Simply, WhosOn delivers real, uniquely advanced results for financial services brands. To that end, product feedback includes:

• “We looked at a number of chat providers and found WhosOn to be more advanced. The product has added considerably to the contact centre operation at Aviva.” —  Mark Bennett, Aviva

• “The support and application provided by WhosOn far outweighed our previous solution. Plus, WhosOn gives our Intermediary Lending channel a distinct advantage over the competition.” —  Rob Hassall, The Hanley Economic Building Society

• “WhosOn is a highly sophisticated chat solution. Its offering is powerful and ideally placed for the complexities and regulations of the financial sector.” —Claire Williams, Bank of America

A disruptive new conversation engine

WhosOn is the solution of choice for financial services brands who need advanced live chat, AI and bot technology. We go beyond a live chat channel. We go beyond a siloed chatbot. We go beyond the walls of our solution and into an integrated digital ecosystem, rich with API possibilities and innovation avenues.

In short, we offer a disruptive new engine for digital conversations.

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