Real-time sentiment analysis

See live levels of customer satisfaction in your contact center

Live chat messages are constantly flooding into your contact center. Some of these messages are looking for information, some for support, some to express an opinion – and it’s the work of entire customer service teams just to respond to them all.

But being responsive doesn’t give you time for real-time analysis. In dealing with each chat session as it unfolds, you’re missing out on the bigger picture: which is the overall satisfaction of your customers.

So, we’ve designed WhosOn to calculate live customer satisfaction for you.

Introducing sentiment analysis

WhosOn automatically analyzes chat sessions for positive or negative feeling. With a powerful analysis algorithm, exchanges are assessed and satisfaction levels ascertained.

Each individual chat message received is monitored. While WhosOn monitors, it measures mood – calculating sentiment scores based on keywords, syntactic effect and tone.

Line by line, WhosOn analyzes your chat sessions. This sentiment analysis is streamed into onscreen dashboards, giving you live updates on customer happiness, chat resolutions and escalations.

Not only can you see each customer’s attitude in a session, you can see how this attitude changes in real-time, based on the responses of your operators.

A journey through live chat

Sentiment analysis allows you to do more with your live chat data. Whenever you receive a message, WhosOn will:

Automatically calculate a sentiment score

Digging deeper than a simplistic “positive” or “negative” rating, WhosOn produces a sentiment score of 1-100 for each message received.

Sync sentiment ratings into customer records

WhosOn syncs chat scores to the relevant record in your database – bringing accounts up to date with current customer sentiment.

Produce an overall session rating

Sentiment scores are adjusted as the chat unfolds. At the end of each session, WhosOn calculates an overall rating of your customer’s satisfaction.

Feed scores into performance dashboards

To give you an overall view of customer service performance, WhosOn displays sentiment scores in custom KPI dashboards – updated in real-time.

Generate new leads in your CRM

Through a rich CRM integration, WhosOn can automatically generate leads in your CRM whenever positive sentiments from prospects are detected.

Create escalated support tickets

If a customer is becoming annoyed, WhosOn can immediately act on a negative sentiment score by escalating chat sessions to bespoke support tickets.

Send instant alerts to management

WhosOn can alert designated employees the moment a chat hits a particular score – enabling timely reactions to customer feedback.

Transform your contact center

Sentiment analysis transforms the caliber of customer service you are able to provide in your contact center. With its integration, you can:

Enrich CRM data

As well as basic contact details and order history, your customer CRM accounts can be filled with real feedback, from real people, in real-time.

Increase first contact resolution

Potential problems can be nipped in the bud instantly, with graded live chat flagging that helps prevent escalations before they arise.

Strategically segment customers

Live sentiment tracking identifies disgruntled customers who may need further attention, as well as happy customers who can be targeted for advocacy opportunities or further sales.

Improve operational efficiency

With a clear overview of agent performance based on customer satisfaction, WhosOn allows you to monitor service quality and enhance contact center management.

Reduce churn rates

Live sentiment analysis means that you can catch dissatisfaction as and when it happens, and offer a speedy resolution to retain the customer.

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