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Language barriers are costing you money. Differences in language can damage company growth – hindering international ambitions and driving a wedge between your business and its potential customers.

Enter WhosOn. Our real-time translation enables your website visitors to chat to you live in their own language, quickly and comfortably.

With the most powerful translation feature in the live chat space, WhosOn will open your website to the world.

Speaking the customer’s language

Your customers don’t all speak the same language. That doesn’t mean you can’t offer them all the same caliber of customer service.

Fluent in over 60 of the world’s most commonly used languages, WhosOn automatically translates chat messages back and forth between customer and agent.

No matter where in the world your customer is based or which language they’re comfortable using, WhosOn offers the perfect channel for instant communication, with instant clarity.

Improved support, improved sales

Real-time language translation rolled into your live chat solution means that you can:

Improve the customer journey

No web user wants a jarring, delayed discussion when looking for live support. By removing possible language barriers, you enable fluid communication. In turn, you present minimal disruption to your prospect, and minimal hiccups to their journey.

Give universal service

Customer service quality assurance can be problematic when the agent and consumer are crossing wires. Which is why you need real-time translation. With a multi-lingual communication channel, you can ensure consistency across customer relations.

Boost growth

Testing foreign markets becomes possible with live chat translation. So too does a far-reaching global footprint. In a customer-centric market where consumers demand tailored treatment, global conversations mean global conversions.

Enjoy resource savings

Covering multiple regions doesn’t require multi-lingual legions. WhosOn allows you to speak in Russian, Mandarin, Arabic, or 60 of the world’s major languages – without having to spend more cash on translation software or hire huge teams.

Enhance internal comms

The WhosOn chat translation service doesn’t just apply to customers. It also works internally, offering a real-time operator to operator translation service to help improve cross-team communication and collaboration.

Our translation features

Let’s get to the nitty-gritty. WhosOn’s chat translation features include:

Real-time, two-way translation

WhosOn is an official partner to Microsoft. Using a rich API integration with Microsoft translation services, we support the live translation of all sent and received chat messages.

Current support for 62 languages

Spanning Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas, WhosOn smoothly supports all the major languages of each continent.

Configurable sessions

At the start of a chat, the visitor can opt to use translation to their preferred language – enabling agents to quickly configure each session to suit individual needs.

Automatic language detection

For proactive rather than reactive translation, WhosOn can also use the GEOIP from the visitor browser setting to detect and select language automatically.

Customisable dialect

For full customisation, we can provide a dictionary file for the application's window text, which you can translate in-house to meet your own language requirements.

Language of choice

Alternatively, we can translate the client on your behalf – delivering WhosOn in your language(s) of choice out of the box and fuss-free.

No regional restrictions

Some translation services are impeded by regional access restrictions. Not so with WhosOn. You get full translation coverage, 100% of the time.

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