Auto-text: a feature dive

When your chat channel is busy, you don’t want to type the same answers over and over, so you have canned responses.

But you don’t want to be manually searching through every canned response each time you want to take the shortcut, either.

This is where WhosOn’s auto-text feature comes into play.

What is auto-text?

Auto-text is a handy WhosOn feature designed to help your agents answer common questions quickly.

You likely have a vast bank of canned responses lined up to assist with handling all your frequently asked questions. These pre-written replies ensure that routine queries get helpful, on-brand, and consistent answers.

But the more FAQs you’re prepared for, the more canned responses your agents need to sort through to select the right one.

Auto-text removes the need to manually search canned response options. It automatically selects and suggests the most relevant canned response to the customer’s message.

Who uses it?

Your live chat agents use auto-text as part of their everyday chat handling.

Many chatters will use the channel to ask the same kinds of typical questions. So, your agents use auto-text to solve those common problems and answer questions quickly.

Supervisors or admin users don’t typically use auto-text (unless they also take chats with customers). However, they do create the pre-defined responses that WhosOn will search and suggest as part of the auto-text feature.

See AI auto-text in action

How does it work?

Auto-text works using keyword recognition. This means that WhosOn detects key words and terms in the visitor’s sent messages. For example, ‘change password’, ‘login’ or ‘locked out.’

From there, it searches your library of canned responses for the correct reply to the visitor’s query. In this case, a password reset. It chooses the suitable response and then inserts it into your agent’s typing window as a watermark.

This means that your agent can choose to send it, or type over it for a more personalised or off-the-cuff reply.

These auto-text canned responses can also include attachments. So, if the query calls for a help file, you can still use auto-text to send it.

Why is auto-text useful?

Auto-text speeds up chat handling times by saving agents keystrokes. Instead of spending time typing out the same replies over and over, agents can answer FAQs with the push of a single button. The right answer appears automatically in their typing window, and they need only click to send.

This means that customers get answers faster, and agents keep their chat queues down.

It also benefits your agents by reducing tedious, repetitive chats. The easy, routine queries are dealt with at the push of a button. So, your team can focus their mental energy on more complex questions and problem-solving.

Customers, meanwhile, get the benefit of reduced chat wait times and speedy, consistent support.

WhosOn auto-text

WhosOn auto-text is all about making your canned responses as smooth and efficient as possible.

Your customers get speedy, useful replies and agents aren’t spending time on repetitive questions.

This is just one of the handy features WhosOn has to offer. Explore further today, with a 30-day free trial.

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