AI chat summaries: a feature dive

Agents can handle an enormous volume of chats each day. And the more chats they take, the harder it gets to remember the context for each one.

This means that valuable insight into customer conversations gets locked away in chat transcripts.

That’s why WhosOn has a handy feature to help you out. Here, we explain the specifics of AI chat summaries.

What are AI chat summaries?

AI chat summaries are brief overviews of the conversations your live chat agents have with customers. They provide an at-a-glance understanding of your concluded chats.

Once a chat has ended, WhosOn analyses the chat and automatically generates a summary of the core topic the chat was about. So, for instance, if the customer had connected to ask about a billing issue, the summary would show that.

AI chat summaries feature in your daily chat listing report, the previous chats section of your client, and as part of the view in chat search. So, instead of searching through every transcript, it’s easier to find the one you need.

Who are AI chat summaries for?

AI chat summaries are for both agents and supervisors. Only those on the business side of your chat can see chat summaries — they aren’t visible to customers.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t offer secondary benefits to customers. Take, for example, agents with returning chatters. AI chat summaries provide a quick and easy way to remember the context of the support session. So, the agent doesn’t have to read through a lengthy chat transcript. As a result, the customer isn’t forced to repeat the problem or wait for the agent to read the transcript.

Meanwhile, supervisors can use AI chat summaries to support agent and chat performance monitoring.

Why they are useful?

AI chat summaries mean that you and your agents don’t need to read through every past chat to know what they were about.

AI chat summaries appear alongside other metrics such as sentiment scores and chat ratings (where the customer has left one). So, you get a comprehensive view of not only how the chat went, but the context of the chat too.

On a wider scale, chat summaries make it easier to glean an overview of your chat service as a whole. They denote why customers are getting in touch with you, meaning they offer an insight into areas you might need to focus on.

For example, you have a high volume of customers asking about your returns policy. AI chat summaries highlight this recurring topic to you. In response, you might choose to create a useful help document for your self-service offering.

How does it work?

Following a chat, WhosOn uses an algorithm to scan the conversation and compress the text of the chat into a useful abstract.

It does this by ignoring filler phrases to find the core topic of the chat. That is, the crux of the interaction and the reason that the customer got in touch.

WhosOn then uses this analysis to display a summary of the chat in your previous chats list. Agents can then view this list and remember the context of each previous session.

Summarising AI chat summaries

In short, AI chat summaries are automatically generated labels that allow you to quickly glean the context of a past chat.

WhosOn is full of helpful features to support your agents, your customers and your business. So, give it a try, with a 30-day free trial.

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