Professional services

Let us do the leg work

Looking for a bespoke solution? Want to avoid the time and effort of a large-scale chat deployment? Have a specific need that doesn’t come out of the box?

We’ve got just the team. Our professional services consultants can help with all your live chat needs, whether it’s configuration, customisation or cross-company training.

The services

Our professional services team will help you plan, configure, implement, operate and manage the right live chat strategy for your company – whatever your need or niche.

That includes:

  • We’ll assign a dedicated project manager to assess your needs and devise the best possible installation architecture to match
  • We’ll scope out the project, creating a bespoke requirements document, functional specification and project plan
  • We’ll create commissioned code in a virtual environment that replicates the custom environment, to test and upgrade
  • We’ll install the software so you don’t have to, taking care of every detail and deployment
  • We’ll set up every rule, every access right, every setting and every customisation – from chat routing through to language translation
  • We’ll design your chat button, window and surveys to match the look and feel of your website, following all brand guidelines and using your logos
  • We’ll provide custom reports that use the WhosOn SQL server database to give you the exact data you need
  • We’ll review your solution regularly to ensure you are making optimal use of the software, and gaining optimal ROI
  • We’ll provide a structured training plan for end users at both operator and administrator level
  • We’ll meet at your convenience, either on or offsite, in person or remotely via the web
  • We’ll create custom documentation to match your training needs, as well as detailed help files for reference
  • We’ll offer full flexibility when it comes to location, language, or time zones, with multi-lingual resources available
  • We’ll offer 24/7/365 support if required, whatever the location or time zone
  • We’ll provide a 1 hour response time for mission critical installations, with a same-day workaround
  • We’ll communicate updates clearly and frequently until we reach a full resolution
  • We’ll always reach that full resolution within a 24-hour window, for minimal delay and maximum satisfaction

The people

We pride ourselves on our professional services team. With over 15 years’ experience in the live chat space, our consultants are experts in the field.

The depth and breadth of our offering is made possible by diversity. To handle your needs, we have project managers, developers, designers and technical support technicians all part of the pro services team.

Together, you get the combined experience of trained live chat specialists across a range of departments, all with the single focus of achieving your goals.

The process


Your project manager will be your main point of contact. They’ll have an in-depth knowledge of your requirements, and will assign the relevant members of the team to perform the work required.


Any training or custom specifications made to the configuration of the software will be carried out by our in-house technical support team.


Any requirements for graphics and design will be produced by our in-house designers, who will work to your branding guidelines.


You’ll be assigned an account manager when the optimisation project has drawn to a close. They’ll look after you and your account moving forwards, and will be your contact for any future needs.

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