Professional services

Delivering a custom-made live chat solution

Custom chat projects are our forte. With WhosOn, your chat implementation is flexible, tailored, and guided by almost two decades of industry experience.

A typical project journey

Meet Stephen, your chat consultant.

Once you get in touch, Stephen will follow up for an initial fact-finding conversation. Here, you can tell us more about your business and its live chat needs. Stephen can then arrange a demo focused on your pain-points, along with our suggestions on how to deliver the best solution via WhosOn.

Professional Services Chat Consultant
Professional Services Project Manager

Meet your team of developers.

Jamie, PJ and Pete will work behind the scenes to code your custom work. That could be a commissioned feature, a technical integration, international server setup, or any tweak you need. Your build is tested in a virtual environment that replicates your own, to ensure smooth deployment.

Professional Services Development Team

Meet your design team.

Mark and Luke are your front-end guys, So, after we've got your solution working perfectly, their job is to make sure WhosOn looks perfect, too. They'll create your chat button, window and surveys to match the look and feel of your website, following all brand guidelines and using your logos.

Professional Services Designers
Professional Services Account Manager

Meet your support and training team.

We have an expert team of in-house support technicians and trainers. This team is always here to help with any technical issues you might encounter. So, even after your live chat project is delivered, you can access ongoing support at any time.

Professional Services Support & Training

Our credentials

We've been specialising in live chat software since the technology's youth in the early 2000s. So, we bring a wealth of time-tested knowledge to your chat implementation - no matter how granular the need, or global the scale.

Global multi site projects

Global multi-site projects

highly regulated enviroments

Highly regulated environments

24/7/365 support, same-day workarounds

staging enviroments

Staging environment setup

custom api integrations

Custom API integrations

global deployments

Deployments in 100 countries

multiple translations

Multiple translations including Arabic, Mandarin and Japanese

international training

International training and onsite support

Real-world examples

Built an operator chatbot for a multi-billion pound conglomerate that bridged IBM Watson into their service desk


Completed a worldwide WhosOn implementation for a global pharmaceutical that started with USA, Canada, UK and Japan


Rolled out WhosOn in 15 countries and 15 languages for a leading mobile services provider over the course of 6 months


A Mandarin implementation of WhosOn for a multinational cosmetics manufacturer, across 10 brands in their portfolio


On-premises installation for a Saudi Arabian bank, as well as a dedicated server cloud deployment for their Bahraini operations


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