Shipping software to the People’s Republic of China

Shipping software to the People's Republic of China

Our customer is a household name in cosmetics*, with a heritage spanning back many decades and a reach spanning 135 countries. The company had a complex live chat need: a Mandarin deployment of chat that stood up to strict Chinese regulation. And they needed it on several brand sites.

What we did

  • Set up a dedicated cloud server hosted within a secure Chinese data centre
  • Localised WhosOn in Mandarin: from the client, to the portal, to the reporting system
  • Designed chat windows in line with both Chinese preferences and bespoke group branding
  • Collaborated on a custom chat contract best suited to the difficult Chinese market
  • Deployed WhosOn on a per-site basis, with flexible customisations across each brand

How we did it

  • Worked closely with translators on several international meetings to scope the project
  • Completed a Chinese registration and authorisation process to acquire an ICP licence
  • Became an approved partner to Alibaba Cloud to deliver WhosOn in a Chinese cloud
  • Consulted with the customer’s Chinese team to ensure high-accuracy product localisation
  • Worked to multiple sets of specific brand guidelines in liaison with the client’s design teams

The results

With a secure WhosOn deployment in China, our customer has been able to:

  • Meet the unique live chat needs of a Chinese audience and their web tastes
  • Cost-effectively ensure chat channel consistency across a portfolio of websites
  • Provide a chat service in full compliance with exacting licencing and security regulations
  • Reduce call volumes by channelling more customers into online web chat
  • Increase website contact rates and first-time resolution speeds


*We typically deal with regulated industries and enterprises with more complex live chat requirements. So, we often deliver chat within a legally binding NDA. This is one such client whose identity we keep under wraps.