The triple-continent chat rollout

The triple-continent chat rollout

Our customer is a world leader in the pharmaceutical industry. They needed a quick, convenient and fully secure channel for healthcare professionals to communicate with medical information personnel. And they needed it in three continents.

What we did

  • Implemented a phased on-premises chat rollout, starting with USA, Canada, UK and Japan
  • Localised WhosOn end-to-end into another language and alphabet system
  • Developed integrations for the customer’s IDM, active directory and analytics systems
  • Designed custom chat window graphics/layout, and a custom post-chat survey prompt page
  • Delivered a custom API for a direct chat link within the customer’s access-restricted portal

How we did it

  • Won a security-focused RFI against several larger live chat competitors
  • Dedicated a project manager and several developers to a six-month planned chat project
  • Made multiple international trips to deliver consultancy, onsite training and project reviews
  • Smoothed deployment with bespoke resources/tutorials for the customer’s internal use only
  • Complied with strict regulations to integrate into an existing private technology stack

The results

With WhosOn deployed as a HCP engagement tool, our customer has been able to:

  • Ensure secure discussion of sensitive data, with chat self-contained on internal servers
  • Connect HCPs – i.e. pharmacists, doctors, drugs reps – together quickly and cost-effectively
  • Provide an additional communication channel to share and source valuable info in real-time
  • Increase first contact resolution rates across healthcare chats via detailed routing rules
  • Explore additional chat ROI opportunities, including a pipeline of planned chatbot projects
*We typically deal with regulated industries and enterprises with more complex live chat requirements. So, we often deliver chat within a legally binding NDA. This is one such client whose identity we keep under wraps.