The benefits of a dedicated live chat server

A dedicated live chat server, as the name suggests, is the name for a live chat server that’s dedicated to you.

A live chat server is a computer that manages access to your live chat channel. When it’s dedicated to you, it means that it hosts your (and only your) live chat service, just for you. No other business can log in to the server, and they don’t have their chat hosted on that server. 

But why might you want to use a dedicated live chat server? Here, we explore a few of the benefits of using a dedicated server for your live chat channel.


A dedicated live chat server affords greater control.

First, with a standard hosting service, your chat provider will schedule maintenance windows on their terms. So, everyone on that server gets upgraded at the same time. (Regardless of whether that particular planned downtime fits in with their schedule.)

With a dedicated server setup, however, you’ll get more flexibility to work with the provider. You are, after all, a premium customer in a premium environment. So, there’s much greater scope to choose your chat maintenance windows and govern your upgrade path.


When you choose a dedicated live chat server, your chat solution will be pre-installed and custom configured for your brand.

As part of this, your own DNS name will be registered to the server. This means that your chat URL will be branded to you alone, rather than generically showing the live chat provider. (Think ‘’, instead of ‘’.)

You’ll get your own custom SSL certificate included, too.


With shared hosting, you’re limited to what’s already loaded on the server. With a dedicated live chat server, on the other hand, you get to work with the vendor to create an environment ideally suited to you.

So, this means you can have any unique needs for factors such as CPU, RAM and disk space met as part of your live chat deployment. Any special requirements can be discussed and delivered.

Rather than a cookie-cutter approach to hosting, you can arrange a package that fits your needs.


As the only business with access to your dedicated live chat server, your chat channel enjoys an extra level of security. That is, it’s less vulnerable to data mishaps that can occasionally trip up shared servers.

You can also add your security programs to the server. So, you have more control over the security measures you take to protect your server.

As such, having a dedicated live chat server is handy for industries that handle a high volume of sensitive data via their chat. Or that are subject to higher regulatory standards. For instance, bank live chat or healthcare industries.


With a dedicated live chat server, you aren’t competing or sharing resources. Things like memory or bandwidth are exclusively yours. You’re the only business the server serves.

This makes for a heightened performance from your chat channel. You get faster server responses and seamless use of heavier features (such as video). And this applies even during peak traffic and high chat volumes.

So, your server can handle as much activity as you can feasibly throw at it. All in super-fast speed.


Having a dedicated server also adds to your chat reliability. Because you’re the only one using the server, it’s much less likely to overload or crash from too much use.

A dedicated live chat server can take on a high volume of chats. In other words, no matter the situation, every customer can connect to your chat service. It means that your chat can run faster and smoother. (One less hurdle to creating a great user experience.)

In short, choosing a dedicated hosting provider guarantees maximum uptime for your website, and maximum reliability for your website visitors.


A dedicated live chat server is also flexible and powerful enough to scale alongside your business. As your business grows, it easier to upgrade your server and your chat.

That might mean supporting a chunkier chat package with more features or adding more agent seats, for example. 

Or, you might choose to upgrade your server hardware as and when needed. You can do this on your terms, only when it suits you.

Try a dedicated live chat server

Dedicated servers tend to come with a slightly higher price tag. But from that extra cost comes higher performance, control, security and scalability.

To explore the benefits for yourself, drop us an enquiry today.

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