Power-up your live chat channel with these WhosOn add-ons

Make even more out of WhosOn. Our core smart features are included out of the box, but we also offer a few deluxe extras.

So, for the more competitive enterprise looking to use chat to its maximum potential, here’s an overview of our available WhosOn add-ons.

AI chatbot

Get a hybrid chatbot to handle FAQ and assist your human operators. WhosOn integrates into the four leading bot frameworks seamlessly. Which, for you, means the opportunity to plug a world-class chatbot into a world-class live chat platform.

Chatbots can cut operational costs by up to 30%

Key features

  • – Your bot will be bridged with WhosOn as part of our setup service, ready-trained on your top 10 FAQ
  • – You can manage your bot as you would any other operator and assign it rules, hours, skills, and permissions
  • – Plugged into WhosOn, your bot will have the full weight of our advanced chat features behind it
  • – Operators can view bot conversations, and step in and out in a single thread as one efficient tag-team
  • – Your bot can also run admin for operators, monitoring chats and ‘whispering’ in needed data from your CRM or database

Real-time translation

Support customers in 100+ languages with two-way chat translation. WhosOn automatically detects language and translates messages back and forth fluidly. So, you can eliminate communication barriers and enjoy all-new multi-lingual scope.

72% of consumers are more likely to buy with help/information in their own language

Key features

  • – With rich API integrations into both Microsoft and Google translation services, you can choose the translation technology that best suits your ecosystem
  • – Your chat button / pre-chat survey will dynamically adapt, based on WhosOn’s auto-detection of language from GEOIP data
  • – Your chat users can also opt to select a preferred language to chat in, and once more WhosOn will translate chat interface elements to suit
  • – Once a multi-lingual chat begins, messages are translated back and forth in real-time. Both parties see and send messages in their own language without delay or disruption
  • – Both original and translated text is stored in the chat transcript for context and clarity

Video chat

Give face-to-face service with a native video chat option. With video sessions, you can go the extra mile with your customers in instances where typing isn’t enough. (Demos, consultations, tours, etc.) Plus, you enable a communication trend that’s massively on the rise.

Compared with just 2 years ago, 87% more people are choosing to use video communication currently

Key features

  • – Operators with the necessary permissions can initiate a video session from inside WhosOn, appearing in the form of a hyperlink invitation within the chat
  • – Once accepted, the video chat session will begin and operators and customers can communicate face to face
  • – For operators, the video chat session sits within a convenient pane native to the chat window
  • – The typed conversation can continue alongside video session as needed, and ending video will not end the chat
  • – The only prerequisite is an engaged web cam and microphone – no additional downloads or third-parties needed

Remote desktop control

See and control the visitor’s desktop for remote, hands-on help. Remote desktop control allows you to take an express hand in helping customers to resolve their issues directly. And, in the process of offering proactive service, you also reduce the need for complicated calls.

Remote access software can increase first call resolution by up to 23% in one month

Key features

  • – Set up remote control sessions from within chats, to assist with complex support needs
  • – Only operators with the appropriate skills and/or permissions will be able to access the remote option
  • – When a query becomes impractical to solve over chat alone, you can launch a remote control application and obtain a ‘Session ID’
  • – The visitor will then receive a link to join the session and give you remote access
  • – You’ll then be able to control the visitor’s desktop from your own machine to offer direct guidance and problem-solving


Azure Cosmos archiving

Securely upload your chats into the Azure Cosmos database service. With external chat archiving into Azure, you can do more with your data – including all manner of third-party reporting and processing options. All while cutting demand on your local database.

By 2022, cloud services will be essential for 90% of data and analytics innovation

Key features

  • – Archive chats to Azure – whether for robust data backups, or to power redoubled reporting capacity
  • – Your new/updated chats will automatically be pushed to Azure 1 minute after the session closes
  • – Chats export as JSON, making it easy to report on any and every piece of associated chat data
  • – Your chat data is encrypted at rest by default, for maximum security storage
  • – You can also use your archived data to trigger functions and hook into advanced data analysis and visualisation tools

Developer version

Build your own custom chat solution using WhosOn technology. Embed chat into any platform, have it take on any appearance, and integrate into the systems you need. With API access to WhosOn, you can tailor-make a chat solution that works for you – without having to start from scratch.

As much as $1 trillion in total economic profit globally could be up for grabs through the redistribution of revenues across sectors within ecosystems

Key features

  • – You can buy only the WhosOn server along with server licences, for the chat engine freed from our chassis
  • – Get all the smart functionality offered in WhosOn – without the need to use our chat client, our chat windows, our management portal, etc
  • – From there, you can develop your own chat innovations using our API
  • – Integrate custom-designed chat into your web service, your software product, your mobile app, and your tech ecosystem
  • – Save vast time, resource, energy, and R&D on crafting a bespoke chat solution


Scroll, click, and type alongside chat users in a collaborative session.  Co-browsing enables you to support users by interacting with their screen – without taking over their entire desktop. So, you can offer interactive support instantly and effortlessly.

Companies using co-browsing enjoy a 2.4% annual improvement (decrease) in support costs year-over-year

Key features

  • – Click to send a screen-share request to the user straight from your chat session – no need for either party to launch new applications or download exe files
  • – With the request accepted, you’ll see the user’s screen exactly as it appears in their web browser
  • – You can then co-browse to assist more directly with any onboarding tasks, complicated online processes, or general web support needs that the user might be struggling with
  • – Co-browsing enables you to highlight content, add annotations, and use your own mouse on the user’s screen-
  • – Screen-sharing is confined to the web browser (and not the desktop), making it a secure and unobtrusive support option


White labelled chat

Remove every trace of the WhosOn branding. With a white labelled chat solution, you gain unparalleled ownership of your chat channel. You buy the software ‘blank’, you brand it, and you can even resell it for a profit.  Either way, your chat users experience only one brand: yours.

Consistent branding across all channels increases revenue by 23%

Key features

  • – You get every WhosOn feature included with your white labelled product, with full access to support and updates
  • – You can put your own name against our technology – either as a reseller, or as an enterprise not wanting to promote third-party vendors
  • – We’ll work with you to decide how best to deliver WhosOn ‘wiped’ to your needs
  • – We can remove every trace of WhosOn branding from chat windows, buttons, the chat client, the settings portal, the data portal, the reporting suite, etc
  • – We can also work with you to repackage WhosOn as native to your own brand exclusively

Plus premium service options

As well as WhosOn add-ons spanning features, we also offer a range of services to support any extra needs you might have. For example:

Professional services projects

Request bespoke features, integrations, or designs

Extended support

24/7 availability, training, and remote configuration

Hosting flexibility

Dedicated environments, custom server encryption, and compliance support

Give your chat service a boost

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