Do you need a live chat mobile app?

A live chat mobile app is a way for you to unchain your chat channel from your desk. It lets you access your chat client on the move and take chats no matter where you are.

But with so many contact centre and customer support roles being desk-based, not every operator will handle chat sessions away from their workstation.

So, who benefits from manning chat lines on their smartphone? Do you need a live chat mobile app?

The benefits of the live chat mobile app

You likely already know the benefits of having a live chat channel as part of your contact offering. (I.e. the high customer preference for the channel, the speed of conversation, the convenience, the low-cost and call deflection potential, and so on.)

But these benefits typically require a chat operator to be sat in the office, in front of their machine, logged into a desktop live chat client. So, delivering live chat via a mobile app can add a key upshot to your customer-facing team.

With a mobile app, your live chat channel becomes, well, mobile. You’re no longer forced to be stationary during support hours.

Instead, chat notifications are in your back pocket. Quick, convenient conversations with customers are always at your fingertips.

Who needs a live chat mobile app?

If you (or whoever is operating the chat) can’t stay at a desk or computer all day, you need a mobile app.

For example, consider remote workers. Some remote workers might occasionally find themselves in areas with no WiFi or space for a computer. With a mobile app, this doesn’t block them from answering chats — they can use their phone and mobile data.

In fact, anyone that needs to travel for their work stands to benefit from a mobile app. Salespeople, for instance.

Salespeople tend to spend a large amount of time out of office. They’re visiting clients, attending events, and getting your product out there. As such, they can’t always be at a computer. But they (almost) always carry their mobile phone.

Other times a live chat mobile app can prove instrumental is when you’re self-employed or acting as a one-person team. You’re busy, you have a lot of moving parts to keep on top of. But you also need to remain reachable. Mobile chat provides a handy, professional channel to achieve that.

In short, you need a live chat mobile app if you need to be mobile.

Who could go without?

While a mobile app has patent benefits, we recommend carefully considering whether it requires a part in your live chat plan. Though it’s ‘cool’ to have, you should first question its usefulness for your business.

For instance, you probably won’t find a use for a live chat mobile app if you’re part of a big contact centre working from an office desk each day. Or if you don’t have a work mobile.

Indeed, anyone that holds a traditional desk-based role doesn’t especially need a mobile app.

If your customer service team is strictly desk-based, they’ll always be at their computer, able to accept chats. Any time they aren’t at their desk, they aren’t working. So, there’ll be no need to download a mobile app.

Making chat mobile

Do you need a live chat mobile app? Ultimately, it depends.

For some, it’s redundant. Though business leaders may see a live chat mobile app as a checkbox to fulfil, it will be impractical on the ground.

For others, being able to take chat requests on the move is essential. It represents a game-changer in terms of sales capacity and flexibility.

So, do you need chat delivered via an app? If so, visit the Apple Store and download the WhosOn app today.

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