Inside WhosOn SmallTalk

It’s been said that without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible. Well, we’ve definitely deviated from the norm to make new progress.


Allow us to introduce WhosOn SmallTalk. We’ve shipped a brand new live chat solution designed exclusively for the SME market, that’s lightweight, simple, and most importantly: free. Here’s a glimpse inside WhosOn SmallTalk.


What is WhosOn SmallTalk?

WhosOn SmallTalk is a minimalist chat app for single users. It contains only the features needed to chat to website visitors, without any of the bells and whistles that come with a typical large-scale live chat solution.

Our new app can be downloaded and deployed in minutes. Without a price tag, and without a hefty feature-set, WhosOn SmallTalk presents a quick, low-barrier way for small companies to get up and running with chat.


How does WhosOn SmallTalk differ from WhosOn?

We’re exceptionally proud of the features that come with WhosOn. But those features have been designed with the contact centre in mind – not the start-up brand who only needs basic chat functionality.

So, while WhosOn is extensive in its offering, WhosOn SmallTalk is deliberately slimline. It doesn’t have any fancy tools and reports, and it’s not equipped for the big brand dealing with hundreds of queries per day. It’s simply chat: but in a slick, stylish package.


Why release a free live chat edition?

It’s our goal to serve as many companies as possible. We’re live chat experts, and we want our software to be used by businesses of all shapes and sizes, across all locations. We can’t achieve that with WhosOn alone: it’s too advanced to be a universal chat tool.

WhosOn SmallTalk allows us to better serve the SME. We know that free chat options aren’t usually design-centric, and they’re unlikely to come from a reputable vendor.  With WhosOn SmallTalk, users can enjoy an elegant live chat solution from a time-tested provider.


What is included?

WhosOn SmallTalk allows users to chat live to the visitors browsing their website. Its simple feature-set includes:


  •  • Chat button customisation

Users can choose the text and colour of their live chat button to suit their website

  •  • Opening messaging customisation

Users can set a custom greeting message to visitors engaged in chat

  • Stacked chat window

Messages are stacked in a stylish, scrollable chat window that looks great on any site

  •  • Operating system compatibility

Run the app on either Mac or Windows

  • Desktop notifications

Get pinged whenever a new chat or request comes through to your site

  • •Instant set-up

Just download the app, create an account, and copy a line of code into your website


How does the pricing model work?

For single users, WhosOn SmallTalk will always be free. It covers one user, taking one concurrent chat at a time. We don’t take any credit card details for WhosOn SmallTalk. In fact, all we need to create your account is your email address.

If demand increases, we may develop an optional upgrade path to allow additional users and unlimited chat. Watch this space!


Where can I download?

If you’ve read enough, and you’d like to take WhosOn SmallTalk for a spin, you can start using it right now. You’ll find the link on our custom landing page here:

We hope you enjoy using our new, free solution. If you have any questions, drop us a live chat message and we’ll be happy to help.


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