Enterprise-grade chat,
at an affordable rate

Power-up your chat platform with add-ons

AI chatbot

  • Request a licence for a hybrid chatbot operator
  • Free setup is included, plus WebEx training on bot config
  • Price based on message volume

$ 275

per month


  • Real-time, two-way translation of messages
  • Support for 100 languages
  • Charged per 500,000 characters

$ 13

per month

Video chat

  • Switch to face-to-face video support
  • Video sits natively within the chat session
  • Super-fast speeds

$ 20

per month

Remote desktop control

  • Set up remote control sessions within chats
  • See and control the visitor's desktop
  • Ideal for complex support

$ 20

per month

Azure Cosmos archiving

  • Upload chats into an external database service
  • Trigger custom reports/functions
  • Charged per 5k monthly chat volume

$ 100

per month


  • Interactive screensharing – no download required
  • Guide chat users through onboarding / web tasks
  • Scroll, click, and type together

$ 30

per month

White labelled chat

  • Remove every trace of WhosOn branding
  • Present the software as your own technology
  • Options to reskin and resell

Developer version

  • Buy only the WhosOn server and server licences
  • Build your own custom chat solution using our API
  • Minimum of 250 users

$ 7

per licence

Request an add-on

To access an add-on, drop us a live chat message or fire an email over to sales@parkersoftware.com.