Free live chat software

Free live chat software doesn't have to look bad.

Slick. Slimline. Stylish.

Chat in style with WhosOn SmallTalk. No ugly branded windows, no fussy bells and whistles, and no price tag.
Just great-looking, free live chat to wow your website visitors - without the hassle.

Only the essentials

No need for a big, bloated product? WhosOn SmallTalk is a minimalist app with only the features you need to get chatting.

Button customisation
Opening message customisation
Chat usage reports
Stacked chat window
Runs on Windows, Mac & Linux

Instant set-up

It takes three simple steps and less than five minutes of your time to set up WhosOn SmallTalk. All you need to do is

Head to the web portal

You can access the web-based chat client via our portal

Sign up

Create your account by entering your user details

Embed on your website

Copy a line of script in your website and the chat widget works instantly

Give it a whirl

Take our free chat for a test drive. It looks brilliant, performs better, and it's yours at a click

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