Chat encryption: a feature dive

You never know when a cybercriminal might try to make off with your data.

All you can do is be ready for an attack, just in case. So, you secure your databases, you password-protect all you can. But what about your chat channel?

You need to keep your chat data safe too, both during and after your chat sessions. So, WhosOn comes equipped with advanced security measures to help you. One such feature is chat encryption.

Here, we dive into the specifics of WhosOn’s chat encryption feature.

How does it help you safeguard your chat sessions and the data they generate?

What does chat encryption do?

Chat encryption is a WhosOn feature that keeps your chat sessions — and the information they contain — secure.

With chat encryption, every part of your chat session is encrypted. This covers two connections:

• The connection between the visitor and the server

• The connection between you and the server

Any chat data you archive into Azure also gets encrypted as default.

So, the content of your chat messages is encrypted while it travels between you and the chatting visitor. If someone tries to intercept your communication, they won’t be able to decode and understand the content of your messages.

The information remains safe, secure and private.

When do you use chat encryption?

Chat encryption runs automatically in the background. It’s not something you have to switch on or manage; it works round the clock as standard.

In other words, any time you and a visitor connect to chat, you’re using chat encryption.

Encryption also comes into play when you archive chats externally into Azure. So, even when you’ve finished the chat and migrated its data to the Azure Cosmos database, that data stays private and secure.

Why do you need to encrypt your chat sessions?

We’re in the age of data, but also of increased awareness around security and privacy online.

Data is an asset, but also a liability if you fail to keep it safe and secure.

Encrypting your chat sessions is a way to address security concerns. Namely, it helps to safeguard you and your customers against cyberattack. So, you can chat with confidence, safe in the knowledge that WhosOn is working to keep everything that should be private, private.

Plus, all the focus on security and data protection comes hand in hand with increased legislation and penalties. Chat encryption is a feature that helps you achieve compliance with data protection laws.

How does it work?

Chat encryption works by establishing secure connections between you, your visitor, and the server.

Chat sessions are established via a secure connection, using a public certificate authority. From there, the connection between the visitor and the WhosOn server uses HTTPS to encrypt chat messages. The connection between you and the server, meanwhile, uses a custom methodology to encrypt messages.

So, the visitor sends a message. It’s encrypted and taken to the WhosOn server. Then, the server delivers this message to you, where it’s decrypted and appears in your chat.

Secure your chat data

Chat encryption is just one of the security features that WhosOn offers. So, why not secure your chat data today, with a 30-day free trial of WhosOn.

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