WhosOn is named as a Crown Commercial Service Supplier

As further reinforcement of our pedigree in the public sector space, WhosOn has been named as a supplier on the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) framework.

Specifically, we list on the government G-Cloud service. (A list of approved vendors of technology for central and local government – more on this shortly.)

This approval represents another stride forwards in our commitment to best-in-class security and compliance when delivering public sector live chat projects.

So, what does the Crown Commercial Service Supplier status mean?

What is the Crown Commercial Service?

Public sector organisations are highly regulated. And compliance with those regulations is a huge area of concern. So is achieving commercial benefits that offer the best value for taxpayers.

These considerations, then, present a hurdle when choosing public sector suppliers.

Organisations have to deal with red tape, complex requirements, a long list of boxes to check, and strict tender processes to work through. All of which makes vetting and reviewing suppliers a difficult task.

Enter the Crown Commercial Service.

The CCS supports the public sector throughout the procurement process by providing a list of independently verified suppliers. Suppliers can ship physical products or services – including ecommerce and technology solutions.

But, to achieve verification, these suppliers must prove that they meet the highest levels of security, accessibility and usability.

Only after meeting the strict standards demanded by the government can a supplier become listed on the CCS framework.

So, via the CCS, public sector organisations can choose from a pre-vetted list of organisations. Organisations, importantly, that meet heightened regulatory requirements.


What does being a Crown Commercial Service Supplier mean for WhosOn?

We’ve long specialised in supplying WhosOn live chat technology to public sector organisations. (For example, our public sector clients span multiple UK councils, as well as government departments and agencies.)

For those existing clients, our CCS status adds an extra layer of assurance. Plus, it also takes much of the legwork from lengthy contract renewals.

For new prospective public sector clients, meanwhile, being a Crown Commercial Service Supplier makes it smoother and easier to do business with us. Organisations know they’re partnering with a live chat provider operating at the highest of standards.

A commitment to compliance

We are delighted at becoming a CCS supplier. This status underpins the fact that security, compliance, and responsible business practices are at the heart of our business.

So, if you’re a public sector organisation looking to securely deploy live chat technology, get in touch and find out more.

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