Securing success: WhosOn wins major European security award

Parker Software has won “Security Solution of the Year” in the European IT & Software Excellence Awards, taking home the top prize with live chat solution WhosOn.

Rather than traditional product-led awards, the prestigious IT Europa event commends vendors that demonstrate flexible, real-world solutions catered to meet specific customer needs. It was Parker Software’s work in providing bespoke live chat deployments for regulated customers that secured the company’s victory.

“Businesses are now being targeted by cybercriminals on a scale previously unseen,” comments Stephen Parker, CEO of Parker Software. “With a company’s live chat channel holding sensitive information and key customer details, a data breach could prove ruinous.”

Parker Software has been specialising in secure live chat since 2002. The company’s niche lies in custom, highly secure implementations of its WhosOn chat product for customers with complex needs.

“Most live chat providers have been quick to jump on the cloud computing bandwagon,” explains Stephen. “However, many businesses still prefer secure, installable software solutions that they can host privately. So, we have developed a specialism in offering tailored on-premises editions of our software, as well as watertight cloud editions to meet all needs.”

Parker Software’s flexible delivery of secure chat to suit individual customer needs was commended by the IT Europa judges. The company now sits amongst a winners list including household names such as Dell, Microsoft and Avaya. This is the third awards achievement of 2018 for Parker Software, with two separate recognitions in UK international trade awards.

“It’s been a fantastic year for Parker Software so far, and winning ‘Security Solution of the Year’ adds further momentum,” says Stephen. “We plan to continue developing ever more secure software releases, securing our spot as one of the world’s leading live chat providers.”



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