15 things you should know about WhosOn

Choosing a live chat provider in such a saturated space is no mean feat. So, if you’re considering live chat software, here are 15 things you should know about WhosOn.

1. WhosOn is time tested, and ever enriched.

Created in 2003, WhosOn is a front runner in the live chat field – not just another cowboy company jumping on the bandwagon.

2. WhosOn doesn’t take the cookie-cutter approach

We specialise in custom (and often complex) live chat projects. So, if you need chat that can flex around your requirements, our team can deliver.

3. WhosOn comes with advanced security

Your data is safe with us. We take rigorous safeguarding steps, from encryption to penetration testing to 24/7 intrusion detection. We’ve even won awards for our security.

4. WhosOn has an extensive feature-set

A reporting and analytics engine. Real-time live chat translation. Sentiment analysis and customer mood. These are just a few of the advanced features that come inbuilt to WhosOn.

5. WhosOn has grown organically

Our product hasn’t gained market share because of hefty investments or expensive advertising. It’s grown organically, out of quality and customer love.

6. WhosOn comes with in-house technical support

We never outsource support. We employ an expert team of full-time, dedicated techies, from our local offices across the UK and the US.

7. WhosOn is trusted across the world

Over 10,000 businesses in over 100 countries use WhosOn. We’ve delivered chat to complex environments like China and the Middle East, and we’ll localise chat to your country.

8. WhosOn performs perfectly in the cloud or on-prem

The other big names in the live chat space only offer hosted editions of their software. We put the choice back in your hands, with both cloud and installable options.

9. WhosOn comes from a specialist taskforce

When you deal with WhosOn, you’re not dealing with a vast, impersonal corporation. You’re dealing with a close-knit team of 30 experts, who care about your custom.

10. WhosOn has the highest uptime SLA in the industry

Our product is robust. We average uptime of 99.8% across all servers. For over a decade, WhosOn has been the best live chat software for uptime SLA, hands down.

11. WhosOn is committed to ongoing R&D

We have an in-house product innovation team. We run weekly ideas work labs and we review our software every month. R&D isn’t just a buzzword for us – it’s built into our culture.

12. WhosOn is cost-effective

We care enormously about customer satisfaction. Our pricing structure makes WhosOn easily available to as many businesses as possible, at maximum value for money.

13. Flexible payment options

As well as the traditional monthly subscription option, we also offer WhosOn under a perpetual licence. So, you can pay a one-time fee and own the product outright.

14. White labelled chat

For even further ownership, we also offer WhosOn under a white label. This gives you full API access to the product, with no trace of our branding.

15. Trusted by over 10% of Fortune 500s

We’re the partner of choice for clients who need more from chat. So, whether you’re a Fortune 500 or a regulated organisation with trickier requirements, you’re in safe hands.

Things you should know about WhosOn

If you feel there are more things you should know about WhosOn before deploying our software, we’re here to chat. Get in touch and our team will answer your questions.

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