Providing proactive customer service with live chat

The emergence of experience as a competitive field

Historically, companies have aimed to limit customer contact in a bid to spare resources. Long and complicated IVRs, overflowing email inboxes and unanswered social media posts are products of this disconnection.

The age of instant availability has flipped this on its head. When almost anything can be obtained at the touch of a screen, customer service must follow suit. Businesses are searching for ways to differentiate their offering, and prompt, proactive customer service is proving to be a key competitive battleground.

Proactive chat earns 105% ROI.

Be proactive, not reactive

A customer hits an issue. They’ll try to find an answer online, and eventually they’ll reach out to you for assistance when they reach a roadblock. All of this involves effort from the customer, and that effort breeds annoyance.

Proactive customer service, on the other hand, is all about businesses making the first move. Reaching out to your customers means you can catch and resolve problems before they escalate. By speaking with the customer before they have a chance to get frustrated, you improve relationships, and in turn loyalty.

78% of customers will buy more from businesses that cut the time and effort required to interact with them.

Live chat as the ideal tool

Live chat software is the ultimate channel for proactivity. Rather than waiting for a telephone to ring or manning a saturated inbox of angry emails, live chat allows businesses to engage their customers immediately and with insight.

With a smart chat channel on your website, you can analyse your website visitors in real-time. From there, you can identify key differentiating factors to reach out in a way that is specific, strategic, and that works for each individual.

92% of customers proactively invited to live chat are satisfied with the experience.

How WhosOn can help

WhosOn allows you to create bespoke user experiences for your online customers. Its features empower you to be proactive when it comes to service, and assist visitors before they have to come searching for help. This includes:

  • Slick CRM integration, pulling existing customer data into chat sessions
  • Stored chat sessions, to give informed help based on former queries
  • Automatic chat routing, to direct customers to immediate, relevant assistance
  • Follow page, to predict user problems and assist with web sessions

Proactive chat invitations on mobile devices are increasing engagement rates by 400%.

Get started

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