The 3 simple steps of saying goodbye via live chat


First impressions are important. But saying goodbye is the final impression you make in a conversation, and it matters just as much.

It’s a lesson that all live chat operators would do well to learn: how you close a session counts.

Say too little and you snub the customer; say too much and you annoy them.

With that in mind, here are 3 simple steps to saying goodbye via live chat session.

 1. Be attentive

Has the customer got all the information they needed from the chat?

Have you provided them with enough detail?

Is there anything else you can help with?

If you’re not asking, you might be leaving the customer with unmet needs.

So, as the chat winds down, always check if there’s any other way you can be of service. Not only is it the polite thing to do, it also shows that you care about customer satisfaction and are willing to go the extra mile.

Example: “Is there anything else I can help you with today?”

2. Be appreciative

A live chat user has taken time out of their day to talk to you.

They’ve had to spend time explaining their issue or getting answers to their questions – time they could have spent shopping with another provider.

You need to acknowledge that.

After you’ve asked if there’s anything else you can help with, always thank the chatter for contacting you. It’s a small thing that means a lot.

Example: “Thanks for getting in touch today – I appreciate your time.”

3. Be open

Ideally, you’ve resolved the user’s issue within the live chat session. That doesn’t mean that you should shut the door on communication, though.

You should always encourage customers to get in touch with you again if they have any questions or problems – this shouldn’t be a permanent goodbye.

Close the chat warmly and remind the customer that you’re always available to help. That way, you’ll leave conversations open for the future.

Example: “Please don’t hesitate to use our live chat service again in future – we’re always here to help.  I hope to hear from you soon.”

Saying goodbye via live chat

It’s simple stuff, but it works. If you’re a live chat agent closing a session, remember to say goodbye the good way.

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