Whisper messages: a feature dive

“Psst, hey, hello. Could you use a hand?”

We all need a helping hand from time to time, so why would a chat session be any different?

That’s why WhosOn comes with internal chat and whisper messages.

Chats can become difficult at the flick of a switch; sometimes customers have complex questions, sometimes they’re unreasonable. Whatever the reason, agents often need a little extra help to handle the chat session effectively.

That’s where whisper messages come in.

But what are they? Here’s everything you need to know about the WhosOn whisper function.

What are whisper messages?

Whisper messages are part of the WhosOn helpdesk feature set. They allow supervisors to ‘whisper’ advice to agents during their active chat sessions.

These whisper messages are visible only between agent and supervisor, with the customer left undistracted. (Hence the name ‘whisper’.)

This means that supervisors monitoring agent chats can see when an agent is struggling. Then, they can use whisper messages to step in and discreetly provide live guidance.

These ‘whispers’ are in-app and inline. They appear directly within the chat window of the session they relate to.

So, they don’t divert the agent to another chat window, and allow them to stay focused on the task at hand.

An example of a live chat agent training a bot oeprator via whisper message

Who uses whisper messages?

Whisper messages are designed for your customer service top-performers. They allow those with permission – administrators, managers, senior employees –  to help other logged-in agents without interrupting the chat for the customer.

So, you can decide who has access to send whisper messages when you set up WhosOn. Typically, this feature is reserved for supervisors or agents with a special skillset.

When a whisper message is sent, other agents can then see the message within the difficult chat and use the information and advice they’ve received.

Most colleagues would need to be tagged into a chat to send helpful messages. However, supervisors don’t need to be tagged into a conversation to send a whisper message to the agent.

An example of tagging another operator into a difficult customer chat, for discreet help

How do you send whisper messages?

Supervisors (or those with permission) have the ability to monitor chat sessions. They get a discreet ‘listen in’ options on individual chats, plus a single view of all active sessions – including chat mood indicators of how each session is going.

So, it’s easy for them to spot issues or problems on the horizon. From there, they can select the necessary chat to monitor and type a message in ‘whisper mode’. This appears as a toggle option for the supervisor within their chat view.

Once they toggle ‘whisper mode’ on, the messages they send are only visible to the agent in the chat. They can also toggle whisper mode off, but this means that messages will be visible to the agent and the visitor alike.

Why are whisper messages handy?

It’s no secret that chats can be tricky. Or that they can take a sudden turn for the negative.

The issue might be an intricate one; or it might be the customer who proves difficult. They might want answers that the agent doesn’t know, they might be overly emotional or even abusive.

Whisper messages enable supervisors to support their agents through these complex chats. If they spot a struggling agent or a chat going downhill, they can quickly and discreetly coach agents through the situation and get things back on track.

Firstly, this has positive effects on your customer satisfaction. It ensures high-quality service no matter how difficult the problem, and nips any potential problems in the bud.

Bur whisper messages also have enormous positive effects on employee satisfaction. Agents feel supported and looked after by their helpful supervisors when they’re struggling.

They’re receiving prompt, proactive help – right where and when they need it. This helps them feel valued in turn. (Not to mention making the job less stressful.)

Give it a try

Whisper messages are just one example of the many great features that WhosOn has to offer. Why not explore further, with a 30-day free trial?

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