Overview: the WhosOn Salesforce integration


As part of its rich suite of integrations, WhosOn offers native support for Salesforce CRM.

So, you can enrich Salesforce records with data from your live chat conversations.

Via the handy Salesforce integration, WhosOn smoothly feeds chat contacts and their associated transcripts to your CRM. The result is a connected tech stack with fluid information syncs.

Here’s a brief overview of the integration in action.

At a glance 👀

Our integration with Salesforce allows you to:

  • - Create new Salesforce contacts directly through chat sessions
  • - Update existing Salesforce records with any fresh conversational data
  • - Enjoy effortless, pre-populated CRM submissions – no manual data entry
  • - Augment records with detailed chat transcripts stored against records
  • - Auto-send URLs to your new or updated Salesforce records back to WhosOn logs
  • - Get all this data exchange seamlessly and in seconds

A closer look 🔎

So, what do these features look like in practice? We’ve pulled out a few highlights.

✔️ Integrate chat data with Salesforce

Use your live chat sessions to create new Salesforce contacts. All it takes is a few quick clicks from inside your WhosOn chat app.

No switching between platforms, and no need to copy-paste data.

✔️ Keep your CRM records current

As well as adding new Salesforce contacts, WhosOn will also update existing ones.

So, anytime a customer or lead returns to chat, you can seamlessly push that fresh data to the right Salesforce record.

✔️ Save time on manual data entry

WhosOn will auto-populate your CRM submissions with data retrieved from each chat session.

So, you don’t have to search the conversation to find and type out contact information. It’s all automatically pulled in for you.

✔️ Get all your information in one place

Your chat transcripts contain valuable customer information. So, you don’t want it stuck in a silo.

That’s why WhosOn automatically stores chat transcripts against your Salesforce contacts, to enrich your records.

✔️ Give intelligent support

Inform future chat sessions by syncing Salesforce data back to WhosOn. Any URLs to your new or updated Salesforce records are pushed back to WhosOn and logged against the visitor’s record. So, it’s that bit easier to give smart, informed service.

Try the Salesforce integration for yourself

Want to see this feature in action? First, check what Salesforce plan you're using. (Salesforce packages are subject to change, and you'll need web service API access in your account level to use the integration.)

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