Live chat providers: why choose WhosOn?

Weighing up different live chat providers? WhosOn is a time-tested leader offering clear points of distinction. With that in mind, here’s an overview of the solution and its top 10 USPs.

Introducing WhosOn

There’s no shortage of live chat providers on the market. What makes WhosOn unique in this saturated space is its range, flexibility, and sophistication.

WhosOn is the solution of choice for brands who need secure, advanced live chat technology. It offers a unique value proposition: all the benefits of a rich out of the box feature set, combined with all the customisation opportunities possible with a specialist team.

But what specifically makes WhosOn so value-added, compared to other live chat providers? Let’s look at the USPs.

1.      Unparalleled live chat security

WhosOn pulls out every cybersecurity stop possible: from encryption, to intrusion prevention, to sensitive data masking, to vulnerability scans, to penetration testing. (To list but a handful of measures.)

2.      Compliant deployments in highly regulated environments

WhosOn is coded with easily achievable compliance in mind – no matter what vertical, in what sector. For business leaders looking to deploy chat in line with regulation, this means powerful reassurance and reduced pressure.

3.      Up to the demands of difficult environments

It doesn’t matter if you need chat in the Middle East, in China, or in any other complex environment. WhosOn is already an established live chat service in difficult markets. Plus, its security and regulation-friendly design make it ready for any environment.

4.      360° hosting flexibility

Customers can host WhosOn in the way that suits their business. That can be in the private cloud, on a custom dedicated server, on-premises, through a white label, or even with full API access to the WhosOn feature-set. Where other live chat providers offer public cloud only, WhosOn offers choice.

5.      Expert international rollouts

WhosOn is primed for tiered, global chat projects. Businesses operating on an international scale can deploy the chat service in any country, localised in any language. Customers, then, need not deal with multiple vendors and make multiple payments to get global chat.

6.      Easy multi-site deployment

WhosOn isn’t one-size, one site. Businesses with a large brand portfolio can deploy WhosOn to each of their owned websites, with custom setup per site. All from the ease of a centrally managed settings portal.

7.      Vast customisation scope

Many businesses need more than what’s included in a set live chat package. This chat customisation space is a WhosOn forte. With WhosOn also comes a team of skilled in-house developers, at hand to craft commissioned work and implement chat however needed.

8.      A veteran team

WhosOn is delivered by experts. From veteran chat consultants, to 24/7 support technicians, to trainers, to designers, to programmers, to professional services managers, WhosOn comes backed by the full weight of a specialist taskforce.

9.      Advanced configuration options

WhosOn gives customers more ownership over chat. Its range of features and options can be finely tuned on a granular level. So, each business can create, manage and optimise the live chat service for an ideally tailored solution.

10.   Rich feature set as standard

Finally, the WhosOn feature set is extensively developed. As well as the range of tailor-made options available, the ready-made features that come as standard with WhosOn are far beyond those of an average chat solution.

Exploring live chat providers

Reading up on the benefits of various live chat providers is all well and good, but the best test will always be trialling the software.

So, we offer a free trial of WhosOn, with pre-deployment support from our consultation team. Get in touch today to start scoping your chat project.

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