Coming soon to WhosOn: co-browsing đź‘€

🖱️ Scroll, click, and type alongside your chat users 🖊️ Highlight/annotate the user’s screen with your own mouse 🤝 Collaborate […]

Unbounded data acess via WhosOn OData API

Gain unbounded data access. Our OData API means the raw data of WhosOn is yours to leverage however you like.

Embrace an omnichannel contact centre with WhosOn

Standalone support channels create friction, disrupted experiences, and disjointed operations. Bind those service lines together with WhosOn.

Innovate with our advanced live chat, AI and bot API

Plug AI-infused chat technology into your solution. Partnering with WhosOn means you can splice our smart chat & bot features […]

Introducing the WhosOn web client

You now have more choice over how you access WhosOn. We’ve launched a handy web client so you can chat […]

A quick illustration of comparison chat

Stay ahead of the curve with a custom chat solution designed for comparison site results pages.    

An agent’s guide to WhosOn 2018

A live chat agent’s guide to operating the latest edition of WhosOn.

An administrator’s guide to WhosOn 2018

An admin’s guide to operating the latest edition of WhosOn.

A supervisor’s guide to WhosOn 2018

A live chat supervisor’s guide to operating the latest edition of WhosOn.

Stoke Sentinel meets Parker Software

We recently let The Sentinel behind the scenes at our HQ, sharing our story and our office life. Here’s a […]

A word from our customers

Great service + great software = happy customers. Here’s what people are saying about Parker Software.

A testimonial from The Hanley

Would The Hanley recommend WhosOn? Hear what our customers say for yourself.

Video case study: The Hanley

Learn why and how WhosOn was implemented, and the results produced.

A testimonial from Radwell International

Would our customers recommend WhosOn? Hear for yourself.

Video case study: Radwell International

We interviewed Scott Simpson to find out how his team benefits from WhosOn.

The evolution of communication

From cave paintings to telephone calls, communication has come a long way…

WhosOn and Microsoft Dynamics — a powerful partnership

WhosOn offers a rich integration with Microsoft Dynamics. Here’s how.

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