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WhosOn is a clever piece of live chat software. Designed to connect you with your web visitors, it’s got all the features you need for great online sales, service, and support.

Its core capabilities fall into 5 key categories:

Your customers

Our solution is great for your customers. With WhosOn, they can:

Enjoy personalised service

WhosOn’s tracking software means you can see precisely what your visitor’s interests or problems onsite may be. Plus, its CRM integration means you can pull in existing customer data. That means one thing: your customers get an informed, personalised online service experience.

Get quick responses

No waiting on hold. No waiting for days for an email response. With WhosOn, your customers get immediate answers to their questions, without any disruption to their shopping journey. In fact, most live chat problems get resolved in 42 seconds flat.

Communicate conveniently

Online shoppers don’t want to stop what they’re doing to get answers to questions. They don’t want to pick up the phone, or leave the page they’re viewing to launch an email app. WhosOn lets them communicate quickly and conveniently, without channel disruption.

Give feedback

Customers want to have their voice heard. Through WhosOn, they can give feedback on the service they’ve received, directly through the chat window. Your customers can rate you immediately and effortlessly, sharing the opinions that give you insights.

Avoid frustration

Waiting for service is frustrating. It’s even more frustrating when availability is unclear. So, WhosOn keeps your customers in the know by sharing live, up to the minute info on agent statuses, online and offline hours and current chat wait times.

Your agents

WhosOn is great for your agents, too. Our live chat software enables them to:

Deal with multiple chats at once

On the telephone, an agent can only talk to one customer at a time. With WhosOn, they can take multiple chats at once. By typing, not talking, your agents can manage more service requests, more efficiently, in less time.

Use their skillset effectively

A technical support agent doesn’t want to handle sales chats. Similarly, a sales agent isn’t best-equipped to handle technical support chats. WhosOn routes chats to the relevant agent using skills-based rules, so your agents can put their skillsets to best use.

Chat to other operators

WhosOn provides a quick, easy instant messaging system for team chat. Your operators can message one another, create group chats, share information and files, and collaborate on tasks. In doing so, WhosOn makes group effort effortless.

Save time on manual work

WhosOn syncs data from chat sessions to your CRM. It updates records, or creates new ones. It auto-creates leads using sentiment scores. It sends smart canned responses to commonly asked questions. In short, WhosOn prevents the manual retyping that your agents hate.

Get ongoing support

With WhosOn, your operators can request for chats to be monitored. Managers can then send ‘whisper’ messages, to support and guide the agent as the chat unfolds. Or, chats can be transferred. WhosOn supports users from every angle – customer and operator alike.

Your managers

Your managers will love WhosOn. With it, they can:

Set rules

Our flexible settings options mean managers can tailor WhosOn to suit their team. From controlling access rights, to setting agent schedules, to defining how chats are matched to skillsets, to creating the correct canned responses to FAQ, your managers can fully manage the chat service.

Monitor performance

Which chat operators are stars? Which are frequently missing chats? Which have converted the most sales? WhosOn can tell your managers all the key performance indicators they need to know, to celebrate and support as needed.

Assess service

WhosOn gives you a quick, clear overview of your customer service quality. As well as live reports throughout the day, your managers get weekly and monthly reports on service speed, user satisfaction and ticket success.

Backup routing

No chat goes ignored with WhosOn. Managers can create backup chat routing rules, so that even if the best-placed operator or team is unavailable, the waiting chat user will still be directed to live support.

See sentiment

Line by line, WhosOn evaluates chat sessions for customer sentiment. It then generates satisfaction scores, streaming the results to private dashboards. Your managers get live updates on customer happiness, chat resolutions and escalations, enabling real-time analysis — and action.

Your bottom line

As well as helping your people, WhosOn will help your profits. Our live chat software is proven to:

Boost web traffic

63% of shoppers prefer using a website with live chat for repeat purchases. WhosOn makes your website more approachable, more accessible, and more attractive for prospects. It even doubled one customer’s traffic overnight.

Real world example Increase conversions

The addition of live chat to a website typically causes a 20% increase in conversions. And chatters are 2.8x more likely to convert than visitors who don’t chat. In fact, WhosOn helped John Smedley increase online revenue by 40%.

Real world example Prevent site abandonment

60% of customers hate waiting for longer than a minute to receive support. If they can’t access answers quickly and conveniently, they’ll a) get frustrated and b) leave your site. WhosOn will keep users on your site, and keep them happy. It worked for ScottishPower.

Real world example Reduce operational costs

Live chat is 17-30% cheaper than a phone call. When your operators can handle more service requests more efficiently, you save time, money and resource alike. In fact, WhosOn helped Aviva reduce operational costs by £1m annually.

Real world example Generate loyalty

83% of consumers who switch providers say better live support would have impacted their decision. WhosOn drives loyalty by providing a prompt, proactive support service that your customers will love. For one customer, it resulted in customer satisfaction scores of 95%.

Real world example

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