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With our cloud-based WhosOn edition, chatting is quick, convenient, and cost-effective. There’s nothing to install, no maintenance required, and no special hardware needed. Simply add a line of code to your website and go.

Who, what, why

Who is it for?

If you’re not a heavily regulated company, our cloud live chat is probably the edition for you. Similarly, if you’re not a company with extensive in-house tech resources, cloud live chat is for you.

Simply put, cloud deployment takes the hassle out of your hands. If you want to be free to focus on software capitalisation – not hosting or maintenance – we’d recommend our WhosOn hosted edition.

What is included

We believe that all our customers deserve the same features, whether they prefer on-premises or cloud live chat software. That’s why both editions are identical in functionality, with all the features you need.

With a cloud edition, all standard new product updates are added to your package automatically. You get all the inclusive upgrades, with none of the installation work.

Why choose cloud?

Cloud deployment means a live chat solution without additional labour. We take care of hosting, we take care of security, and we take care of upkeep.

You take the software and run – knowing that all the legwork is being completed on your behalf. We’re specialists in the live chat space, and the cloud edition comes complete with our expertise.

Under the hood

Choosing a hosted solution means putting trust in your provider. We understand that, and we understand that there’ll be additional information you’d like to know about our cloud edition.

So, let’s get to the nitty-gritty. To help you make your deployment decision, here’s a look under the hood of our cloud-based offering.

Quick set-up

Our cloud edition takes seconds to set up. Once you’ve decided to choose a hosted WhosOn account, you simply add some pre-written code to your website and download the chat client – no more, no less.

From there, you can chat to your website visitors right away. All your features and integrations are out of the box and ready for immediate use. There’s no delay, and no installation roadblocks. You only need to concentrate on using the software, and our skilled team will focus on supporting and monitoring it thereafter.

Managed maintenance

Regular maintenance is part and parcel of our WhosOn cloud offering. As part of that, operating system updates are handled on a weekly basis. This is all simple, scheduled and systematic – completed via an automated task handled by our environment's domain.

In terms of product upgrades, we always schedule any maintenance windows with you in advance. Then, when we’ve identified the time that best suits your operating hours, we’ll upgrade your software for you free of charge. You never miss out on the latest features and fixes, and you get them without lifting a finger.

Data centres

To house our applications and servers, we use industry-leading data centres. In the UK we use Rackspace, and in the US we use GoGrid. Both data centres are recognised as being state of the art, and use advanced security equipment, techniques and procedures to prevent unauthorised access to facilities.

For you, that means peace of mind. Your server will be kept in a maximum-security environment that is prepared for any event. Without any additional cost, you’ll be taking advantage of the cutting-edge technology, reliability and scalability that a third-party data centre provides.

Dedicated servers

Large business? Require multiple chat users or have multiple high volume websites? To cater to your needs, we offer a WhosOn dedicated server – providing the benefits of our installable edition combined with the ease of setup and management of our cloud edition.

This enterprise level solution includes a fully managed Windows server. It comes with WhosOn pre-installed, and custom configured for your requirements. Your own DNS name can be registered to the server, the chat window can be fully customised, and your own SSL certificate is included. If you need a hybrid deployment, our dedicated servers are for you.


Because your solution isn’t installed, there are no barriers of entry. With cloud deployment, you can chat to your website on any device, from any location. As long as you’ve got an internet connection, you’ve got live chat at your fingertips.

It’s not just chat, either. The full range of WhosOn features are available from laptop, smart phone or tablet – meaning you can track, monitor, and report wherever you are. By choosing a cloud solution, you’re extending your reach and staying mobile. So, if you’re always on the go, WhosOn goes with you.

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