Automotive app integration

The automotive app integration

Our customer has been an automobile industry leader for over a century*. They needed a chat channel flexible enough to integrate inside their systems: from their customer-facing apps to their internal CRM. It was WhosOn that delivered against requirements.

What we did

  • Powered chat within a custom mobile application, allowing users to launch a real-time support session inside their vehicle apps
  • Created a booking system for video chat sessions, for vehicle customers to schedule one-to-one video time with representatives
  • Deployed the video chat concierge service natively inside a luxury car-owner mobile application
  • Provided a more traditional, web-based concierge chat service across sites in the automaker’s brand portfolio
  • Developed a rich Salesforce integration that enabled agents to log into chat from within their CRM system

How we did it

  • Created a 3-month project plan aligned with the customer’s need for the quickest turnaround possible
  • Established a close partnership with the customer’s contact centre solution provider, to jointly develop the required integration
  • Built a custom API to handle in-app interactions via server integration, feeding data from the user’s mobile app into the agent’s WhosOn chat client
  • Set up sandboxes simulating the environment of each custom integration, for secure testing of the chat channel before its live deployment
  • Designed each chat implementation in line with the customer’s branding needs, to sit smoothly within their various applications

The results

Via their bespoke use of WhosOn across company systems, our customer has been able to:

  • Enable agents to chat from a single screen, without having to switch between a chat client, a mobile app, a video service or a CRM
  • Provide customers with a wider range of support options, across a wider range of their digital services
  • Ensure smooth integrations between various technologies, to avoid data siloes and agent productivity loss
  • Boost customer engagement from within their mobile applications, improving the overall in-app service offering
  • Reduce the cost of a multi-system live chat deployment with a single, flexible solution
*We typically deal with regulated industries and enterprises with more complex live chat requirements. So, we often deliver chat within a legally binding NDA. This is one such client whose identity we keep under wraps.