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You want to work with great products. We’ve developed a great solution. Together, we can add value to your clients – and drive real revenue in the process.

The trusty telephone is no longer the bastion of customer service it once was. In today’s digital landscape, phone calls are inconvenient and increasingly outmoded.

Customers want to type, not talk. After all, it’s quicker to type out a message than wait on hold, and it’s less intrusive to your day than verbally conversing.

But not all typed communication is created equal. Email can take days to receive a response. Social media messages can slip under the radar and be missed entirely. And in the age of the empowered consumer, nobody is willing to wait.

The product

This is where WhosOn steps in. Only live chat lives up to the promise of offering that: live service. And only WhosOn offers its unique range of features and capabilities.

By reselling WhosOn, you’re selling a product that enables quick, efficient, and cost-effective communications between your customers and their customers. You’re selling a product that’s time-tested, financially viable and technically robust.

Ultimately, you’re selling a product that you can be proud of.

The partnerships

Whether you’re an ISP, an ISV, a hosting business, a CMS provider or a digital agency, you can make money reselling WhosOn.

We provide a site license, which means you can install any number of WhosOn servers within your organisation. As your user base grows, you can add new servers.

Pricing for the commercial edition is based on a straightforward 'per seat' model. So, you simply pay for the number of end user seats needed. Additional seats can be added at any time.

Plus, we’ve got opportunities for VAR/reseller partners to sell live chat into their existing customer base. Our partnerships can be as flexible as our software, and just as profitable.

The perks

We don’t just want you to share our software: we also want you to share our success.

There’s a lot in it for you. By becoming a WhosOn partner, you’re first and foremost enabling your team to make money from services. The live chat market is growing, and you can get a bite of it.

But boost in profitability aside, you’re also joining a community of recognised tech leaders – leaders who provide their customers with leading tools. Plus, our team is just as strong as our tech. We’ll work beside you closely, offering all the knowledge, resources and skills you need to drive revenue to your bottom line.

You get support and increased sales, we grow our client base, and your customers gain a competitive advantage. Everybody wins.

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