WhosOn customers: meet ThinkAutomation

We know how important integrations are for our WhosOn customers. So, did you know that we also deliver contact centre automation / integration technology projects for contact centres like yours?

WhosOn comes to you from the team at Parker Software. And our software house offers another, complementary product that you could be benefiting from.

Meet ThinkAutomation.

Introducing ThinkAutomation

ThinkAutomation is a powerful business process automation system. It’s designed to:

  • – Retrieve contact centre data
  • – Process that data
  • – Respond to it based on your workflow rules

We know just how much administration work takes place in the modern contact centre. You have data pouring in from multiple sources, all of which must be processed and managed.

That’s why ThinkAutomation can handle the heaviest data processing needs. It will automate the flow of data across your tech stack, with no limits placed on how many messages you need to process per day.

So, what might this data automation look like in action?

Start automating

ThinkAutomation can automate countless common processes across your contact centre. (Both beyond and including WhosOn related admin.) To list but a few processes, then, ThinkAutomation can:

  • Parse customer emails into your database/CRM
  • – Query your database inside WhosOn chats with ‘@’ requests
  • – Push out smart email auto-responses based on keywords
  • – Send automated Teams messages / use a Teams bot for data retrieval
  • – Process attachments and extract/upload data
  • – Issue automated SMS comms
  • – Send triggered outbound emails to customers and staff
  • – Extract text from images/scanned documentation
  • – Send, receive, and store messages in 40+ languages with auto-translation
  • – Calculate sentiment analysis scores from mailboxes
  • – Field complaints and tickets
  • – Bridge triggered connect calls
  • – Plus lots more!

Continuous productivity for your contact centre

Not only can ThinkAutomation handle a host of processes for your contact centre, it can perform them quickly, cost-effectively, and securely.

The solution:

  • – Runs 24/7/365 – for durable, continuous availability
  • – Frees up man-hours and reduces operational expenditure
  • – Uses rule-based logic, for robotic processing accuracy
  • – Offers secure, on-premises processing that won’t compromise customer data
  • – Can process historical, legacy data spanning years back

Can we help?

We’ve delivered contact centre automation projects for multiple organisations, and helped them achieve an average of 65% ROI in the first year. (Mainly in labour savings.)

Would this be of interest to you too? Drop us a chat to start exploring your options.

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