SMS to chat: a feature dive

Your customers expect you to be reachable on the channel of their choice. And, more than wanting a multi-channel mix of options, they also want a streamlined journey within and between these channels.

WhosOn makes this seamless approach easy with a series of omnichannel integrations. One of which is SMS to chat functionality. Here’s a dive into this handy feature.

What is SMS to chat?

Our SMS to chat feature pulls SMS messages into the WhosOn live chat client, then pushes the agent’s reply back to the customer in SMS format.

In doing so, SMS to chat lets your customers text you when they need help. It might be your tech support team they need, your customer service agents, or your sales team. With your number(s), they can send a text for help and get on with their day.

Then, SMS to chat lets your agents reply to these texts without having to leave WhosOn and switch channel. All while they chat as normal to your online visitors.

So, you’re adding another channel feather to your communication hat. To boot, you’re streamlining your inbound messages into a single touchpoint – making it that bit easier to manage conversations.

Who uses this feature?

The SMS to chat function is for any customer, and for agents who have an assigned mobile phone number. (Note that this might be a shared mobile number used by a whole team.)

The function primarily benefits your customers. With it, your service becomes more accessible to customers without easy internet access, or without the time/funds for a telephone call. Customers can get in touch with you at their leisure, using only a core function of their mobile phone.

Your agents, meanwhile, use the feature to reply to customers that text you. Because the messages appear in the chat client, agents can reply without swapping screens or programs. (Complete with the use of all the live chat tools that support them when they serve your customers.)

Why use it?

So, why is SMS to chat so useful?

In short, it makes you more accessible to your customers. SMS is the quickest, most certain way of putting your messages in front of your customers. You put your service in their pockets, their handbags, their hands.

SMS to chat makes your chat-based support reachable, even for customers without a stable internet connection. They don’t need a smartphone, an app, or even instant availability. All they need is a mobile and a spare moment to send a text.

So, if the customer is anxious or unable to speak out loud, doesn’t fancy a phone call or is spinning too many plates, you’re still there to help. You put the customer’s schedule, needs and preferences at the core of your offering.

How does it work?

WhosOn’s SMS to chat feature works via a rich Twilio integration.

With this integration, live chat agents can provide a mobile phone number for customers to use. Customers can then text their queries to this number. Any text message the number receives will display in the WhosOn chat client.

Agents can then respond to these messages just as they would any other chat session. WhosOn will turn their message back into an SMS and send it back to the customer’s phone.

SMS to chat

SMS to chat is one of the many multiplatform features that WhosOn has to offer.

So, why not add SMS to your customer contact offering today? Get started with a 30-day free trial of WhosOn.

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