Our Rackspace partnership: promising live chat security in the cloud

Curious how we can guarantee the ultimate in cloud live chat security?  In the UK, we use the state of the art data centres provided by Rackspace.

Here’s the story of that partnership, and how it offers our customers peace of mind.

Choosing the right provider

The customer engagement marketplace runs on the assumption of being ‘always on’.  As the front line in our customers’ communication strategies, then, WhosOn must give the right impression first time, every time.

We understand that downtime not only makes us look bad, it also makes our customers look bad. S0, seeking a high-performing data centre with advanced security, we chose Rackspace.

Daniel Horton, Technical Manager at Parker Software, explains: “Our main challenge was to find a provider that could support the stringent best practice SLAs we have in place with our customers, which include highest possible uptime guarantees, security assurance and accreditation.

“We found this in Rackspace.  Having a major player behind us delivers that all-important level of comfort that reassures customers of quality. We now offer service uptime of 99.8% across all servers, and scheduled maintenance downtime of just 1.5 hours.”


Into Hyperdrive

We’re constantly enhancing WhosOn with new functionality. That means that taking advantage of any technological developments that can progress our product offering is high on the agenda.

So, hot on the heels of our move to the Rackspace public cloud, we were already looking at ‘what next’.

‘Next’ came in the form of migration to a managed virtualised environment. Built on Microsoft Hyper-V servers, this environment offered the ultimate in flexibility, control and redundancy.  Working together with Rackspace-certified Microsoft experts, we designed a private cloud environment best suited to WhosOn workloads.

 “A forward-thinking solution also needs a futureproof platform. This is what we have in our Hyper-V private cloud environment,” says Daniel.  “We not only took another big leap forward in terms of stability, but also boosted flexibility and responsiveness.

“We began pushing as much as possible into our Hyper-V environment. This was made quick and simple via automated machine creation and the support of the Rackspace team. The result is a fully-fledged, well designed and deployed, and hassle-free Hyper-V environment that strengthens our offering.”


Enhanced security – not just a tick in the box

With innovation, customer trust and satisfaction being a high priority, we couldn’t settle for minimum levels of security to secure their digital platforms. Any security breach would erode customer confidence, as well as damage our brand reputation.

So, we were keen to take security to the next level and deploy an Intrusion Detection Solution – providing visibility and continuous monitoring to detect security threats. Rackspace provided the answer, in the form of strategic partner Alert Logic®.

Daniel explains: “We were immediately impressed with Alert Logic®.  We understood what they could do for our business, and we heard some compelling presentations from their customers.  Deploying Alert Logic® within our Rackspace environment was simple – literally a case of ‘turn it on and it just works’.  They monitor our entire application stack, continuously monitor our environment for vulnerabilities or cyber-attack, and then security analysts in their SOC escalate any incidents quickly, via Rackspace, to keep us and our customers secure. When it comes to live chat security in the cloud, WhosOn is watertight.”


So, want to benefit from state of the art cloud live chat security? Start your free WhosOn trial today.