Parker Software wins big at DevOps Excellence Awards

Parker Software has won “Best Automation Project” in the national DevOps Excellence Awards, as well as a shortlist for “Best DevOps Transformation”.

The company has recently revamped its core live chat and business process automation products, adding extensive new features whilst improving the user experience. This overhaul did not go unnoticed by the DevOps Excellence judging panel, who chose the business as both a winner and a runner-up in two separate categories.

“It’s an honour to win such a prestigious award”, comments Stephen Parker, CEO of Parker Software. “We’re thrilled with the result and cannot praise our team enough.”

In a glittering London awards ceremony, the Staffordshire-based software house competed against huge household names such as Trainline, British Gas and The Financial Times. It was Parker Software’s business process automation product, ThinkAutomation, that ultimately took the win for the company.

“We won ‘Best Automation Project’ for our work on improving and expanding our existing ThinkAutomation product,” Parker explains. “The software has grown from an inbound message parser to an extensive automation platform, offering everything from sentiment analysis to call scheduling to web monitoring.”

ThinkAutomation is an advanced parser that processes any inbound message and pushes it to the right place in a database or CRM. It then offers intelligent, automated responses to those messages based on content – saving businesses time and effort. Though not a household name itself, the software is used worldwide by giants such as Cisco, Xerox and NASA.

“We’re delighted that the product is being credited in this way,” says Parker. “With the win under our belts, we now hope to win more recognition and hopefully, more customers.”


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