Live chat for charities

Putting care at the end of a keyboard

Give discreet digital support for those in need. With WhosOn securely deployed on your charity website, you create a safe, accessible space for your audience to seek advice.

"The live chat service plays an important role in offering immediate and expert help, particularly for people who might find it difficult to discuss their experiences on the phone or in person."

Judith Brown
Victim Support

Chat boosts your support offering

Get sessions to the right support worker via skills-based chat routing

Ensure volunteers get the full picture for repeat chatters via chat history

Give non-English speakers access to help via real-time chat translation

See what help and information the visitor is seeking via live visitor tracking

Understand the emotional impact of the chat service via sentiment analysis

Share important documents securely and in real-time via file upload

Reach out to hesitant or nervous website visitors via dynamic invitations

Discover the demand for chat sessions and assess performance via live chat reports

Resource crunch via running concurrent chat sessions

Protect the privacy of your chat users via end-to-end chat deletion

Help new volunteers give accurate information via canned responses

Escalate intensive chat support sessions via omnichannel calling