Live Chat Integration

Full compatibility across your software suite

Live chat software is all about building omni-channel relationships. So, it stands to reason that you’d want it to sync seamlessly into all your business channels – and that’s why WhosOn offers powerful integrations across your CRM and IT systems.

Live Chat Integration Platforms

CRM integration

  • Integrate chat data with your CRM, to log all customer contact against the relevant record
  • Pull customer CRM data into the chat session, to deliver relevant, personalised service
  • Use chat sessions to auto-create leads in your CRM, to maximise on every engagement

Team collaboration

  • Sync chat data with your team collaboration software, to build a bank of valuable content
  • Update all your list items and document libraries, to keep content current
  • Out of the box integration, to create cohesion across your systems
Live Chat Integration for Team Collaboration

Cloud computing

  • Cloud system integration, to migrate chat data to the desired web destination
  • Pull customer data from the cloud into chat sessions, to offer informed service
  • Send files from chat sessions to cloud storage, to sync your systems in real-time
Cloud Computing
Integrate live chat with Microsoft Office applications

Microsoft Office

  • Add appointments to your Office calendar during chat sessions, to optimise task organisation
  • Send chat transcripts directly to and from your Outlook account, to connect customer service touchpoints
  • Export chat content into relevant spreadsheets, to harvest and analyse data
Live Chat Office 365 Intregration


  • Sync WhosOn reporting with Google Analytics, to gain a broader insight into your web data
  • Google Tag Manager integration, to enhance your web tracking functionality
  • Send chat data to Google Drive, to keep your folders up to date
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And that’s not all. We also offer rich integrations with:

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