Preventing cart abandonment with live chat software


Online, your customers browse casually. They fill their baskets and then… they click away.

Customers abandoning their carts is a common — and frustrating — occurrence.

In fact, the average cart abandonment rate sits currently at about 76%.

That’s a lot of missed sales. And the more it happens, the more frustrating it can get.

So, why is it happening and what can you do about it?

Here, we explain three common reasons for cart abandonment, and how you can leverage live chat software to help reduce the frustration.

Confusion vs convenience

The problem: a confusing checkout process

Tricky or confusing checkout journeys are a common reason for cart abandonment.

A struggle to navigate your checkout process can escalate into a frustrated click away from your site. (And a new search for the products they were trying to buy.)

The live chat software solution

Live chat software improves your website interactivity. With a chat option on your checkout pages, a customer that gets stuck can get in touch, instead of clicking away.

From there, your agent can guide them through the rest of the checkout, or even help complete their order for them.

So, instead of confusion, the customer gets convenience.

Best practice tip

It’s a good idea to make sure your chat channel is clearly available on every page of your site. That way, if a customer does get stuck, the chat option is right there to inspire them to get in touch. You show them that help is only ever a click away.

Problems vs proactivity

The problem: last-minute doubts and questions

Sometimes, the reason for cart abandonment is simply that customers don’t yet feel ready to buy.

They might have questions about shipping, about returns, about the product or the cost.

Any last-minute doubts, concerns or problems throw a spanner in the works of your checkout process.

The live chat software solution

Live chat software lets you actively reach out to your customers based on their behaviour on your site.

For instance, they start lingering on your FAQ or hesitating on your payment pages. These behaviours can act as a trigger for a proactive chat invitation.

So, you can actively reach out and help. Then, your team can answer any last-minute burning questions and put customer minds to rest.

Best practice tip

Think about the triggers you set for your proactive chat invitations, and how they appear to customers. Too many invitations come across as pushy and annoying. Too few means missed opportunities.  

So, carefully tailor your chat triggers to customer behaviour.

Bother vs bots

The problem: webform-shaped hurdles

A trickier, all too common problem that sparks cart abandonment is webforms and account management. If customers can’t buy without filling out a boring webform or creating an account, they’re more likely to churn.

Webforms are boring, tedious, and sometimes too pervasive. It’s also easy, when using them, to ask for more information than you need.

The live chat software solution

Instead of a static webform, live chat software gives you a way to engage the customer in conversation to get needed information.

Plus, with a chatbot integration, the bot can handle the checkout questions, so that your team doesn’t have to.

Conversation is much less boring than long-winded surveys. And, when you’re asking the questions (or telling your chatbot to), it’s easier to see when you’re asking too much.

Best practice tip

Don’t ask for more information than you need. We’re in an age of increased data and privacy awareness.

Customers are wary of (and often adverse to) sharing all their information. Particularly, that is, if they don’t know why you need it.

Prevent cart abandonment

There will always be customers that browse without buying. But for many, there are reasons behind their leaving. If you can address these causes, then, you stand to reduce abandonment rates.

Live chat provides a safety net for your customers when something stops them in their tracks.

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