Better together: the benefits of translation technologies and live chat

Translation technologies and live chat software are both powerful tools in their own right. They each offer a host of contact centre and customer experience benefits.

But, when you combine the two, you strike gold. Together, translation and chat form a match made in customer service heaven. Each tool powers up the benefits of the other.

Don’t believe us? Here are a few benefits of translation technologies and live chat, and how the two become better together.

The benefits of translation technologies

When considering the benefits of translation technologies and live chat, it’s good to look at each separately. Translation technologies unlock the general benefits of multilingual service. But there are also benefits specific to the technological approach to translation.

• Support a global audience with more languages

The most obvious benefit of using translation tech in your contact centre is that you unlock support for a global audience. That is, you can talk to anyone regardless of language barriers. This is because translation technologies support more languages than alternatives. (I.e. bilingual employees or outsourced support.)

• Increased inclusivity

Using translation technologies will also increase your inclusivity. When you can talk to a customer in their preferred language, you make that customer comfortable. They aren’t forced to use a language they’re not confident with. Instead, they’re included in your support offering.

• It’s cost-effective

There are three common alternatives to translation technologies. But all of these are expensive. Offshore call centres have building and employee costs. Call centre outsourcing costs agent focus — they’ll be helping more than your customers. Multi-lingual agents are hard to come by and only support a limited scope of languages.

In comparison, translation technologies are far more affordable.

The benefits of live chat

The list of benefits of live chat software is long — here are a few key examples.

• Improve accessibility

Live chat software makes your customer service more accessible. The real-time nature shows customers that you’re easy to get in touch with.  This implicitly signals that you want to hear what customers have to say and help them out. Chat is also an accessible option for customers with other difficulties. For example, telephone anxiety, speech or hearing disabilities, or anyone that’s busy and needs to multitask.

• Actively reach out to visitors

Unlike other channels, live chat lets you actively reach out to customers on your website. With proactive chat invitations, you can invite customers to chat, offer help or even deals. And you can do so based on their behaviour. For instance, if they’re browsing your FAQ, lingering on a product page, or about to click away from your website.

• Appeal to millennials and Gen Z

The younger generations make up 63.5% of the world’s population. They’re used to texting, chatting online, and instant gratification. As such, live chat software is a great contact option for them. They get real-time support in a medium that they’re comfortable using.

Combining translation technologies and live chat

When you combine translation technologies and live chat, something special happens. That is, they power up each benefit the other offers.

• Inclusive accessibility

With live chat software, you get accessibility. With translation technologies and live chat, you add extra inclusivity to that accessibility. You make your business open and accessible for everyone, no matter their language, ability, or time commitments.

• Real-time support to a global audience

Combining translation technologies and live chat allows you to not only support global customers but to do so in real-time. This boosts the equality of your service. No one misses out on instant, friendly support due to their language.

• It can scale with you

Translation technologies and live chat can both grow with you. Regardless of the scope of languages or volume of translated chats needed, the technology won’t tire. So, you’ll always have the option available as your business grows.

Great apart, better together

Translation technologies and live chat are both great tools to support great customer service. But they’re even better together.

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