Schneider Electric

Security systems
To revamp customer communications and reduce phone wait times
A feature-rich live chat platform that enhanced service, resource allocation and digital ROI
The technical support from Parker Software is phenomenal. They have proven time and again that they care even after a sale.
Securing success

Pelco by Schneider Electric is a world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of video security systems. The thriving company was making its first venture into live chat, and WhosOn was its partner of choice.


The challenge

One of Pelco's key aims was to reduce phone wait times for customers who required in-depth assistance — without neglecting those who might require more straightforward advice. So, Pelco needed a live chat solution that went beyond dialogue exchange only.

Firstly, the chat channel needed to better manage customer requests and free up valuable technician time. Secondly, it needed to improve inter-departmental efficiency and detect sales and technical support trends. Finally, it needed to come complete with quality post-sales support and training.


The solution

After researching a range of live chat solutions, Pelco chose WhosOn. The software met key requirements in a way that was cost effective, without sacrificing features.

WhosOn was versatile enough to offer custom reporting and integration with their in-house CRM. And, due to Parker Software's in-house technical support, an expert support network for 16 operators was part of the package.


The results

For Pelco, chat has proved to be a service and satisfaction game-changer.

  • • Pelco has reported reduced call wait times across the board
  • • Technicians now have the capacity to handle up to five contacts at once
  • • From feedback, chat has had a substantial impact on customer satisfaction


The feedback


Russell Horton, Project Manager, comments: "WhosOn has allowed us to deliver critical product information to our technical and sales teams. We’ve created a system to alert us of training opportunities with our internal customers to improve product knowledge and make sure that we are all providing the best possible experience. The feedback and insight here has been invaluable.

The technical support from Parker Software is phenomenal. They are fast, efficient and friendly. It is extremely easy to have a good partnership when things are going well and there are no problems, but entirely different when issues arise. Parker Software has proven time and again that it cares, even after a sale.

WhosOn has quickly become an essential tool for both internal and external customers. As the business grows and chat starts to become a more integral part of our corporate strategy, we plan to start using more of the untapped potential of this extremely robust chat client."



Katie Wallwork, Technical Account Manager, comments:  "The pre-chat survey and ability to see what the customer is typing is very useful and helped me find the necessary information while they were still asking the question. It resulted in a faster response and a better customer experience.

I also really like the ability to monitor chats and whisper messages to colleagues. It allows us to collaborate more easily and share knowledge of our many different products. This feature allows us to get assistance in real time on products we may not know without having to bounce the customer around."



Juan Ramirez, Sr. Technical Solutions Engineer, comments: “The software has been beneficial for customers who have a quick question anywhere in the world. This opened up a new way to reach out to new and existing customers when support is needed.”