To improve customer experience by answering online enquiries swiftly and securely
An installable live chat implementation, directly into a member log-in portal
Our customers have very positive feedback and the chat agents enjoy logging in and assisting our customers every day. Great job Parker Software!
A brighter vision for the future

OptiCare Managed Vision provides comprehensive eye care services to over 5 million members. Comprising a panel of over 18,000 eye care providers, and processing 1.5 million claims each year, the company required a robust live chat solution to drive efficiencies on their busy members’ area.


The challenge

The OptiCare website is a central resource for customers, opticians and ophthalmologists. From a secure log-in area, patent eligibility can be searched, claims filed, claim statuses checked, and daily business conducted online.

With users increasingly undertaking these kinds of activities through a website, OptiCare’s customer service needed to change.  To meet its user base, OptiCare support had to embrace the online shift. And that meant that live chat software was needed.


The solution

After considered research, the business approached WhosOn. With its installable functionality, extensive integrations and range of features, the software was ideal for OptiCare’s needs.

OptiCare opted for the self-hosted edition of WhosOn solution. As a healthcare provider, the business had strict security regulations to meet, and only installable live chat software would suffice.

WhosOn was implemented directly from the portal where customers most needed help – OptiCare's private members’ area. This meant that employees could be right where their customers were at, right at the point where they needed them, right away.


The results

WhosOn's implementation meant that employees can deal with multiple customer enquiries online, with no inconvenient channel disruption, no delay. Results included:

  • • An improved customer experience, with a supported online journey
  • • Reduced errors on the member log-in area
  • • Enhanced agent productivity, with quicker provision of service to more users


The feedback

 “Because of the nature of our business, we have a diverse audience and work in an ever changing, demanding environment. Our IT department researched products that would meet our needs, as well as the stringent security requirements of HIPAA and the healthcare world in general.

We did not want a hosted solution. WhosOn provided the best product, with a complete set of features and usability that we could fully integrate into our secure environment. WhosOn's installable enterprise solution was the perfect fit for our organisation.

Our customers have very positive feedback and the chat agents enjoy logging in and assisting our customers every day. Great job Parker Software!”

Bhupesh Rathod, Information Technology Supervisor, OptiCare