No Limits

A secure, accessible instant messaging channel to support young people online
An on-premises installation of WhosOn live chat software, complete with training and customisation
We’re really pleased with WhosOn and the service provided has been super. We’d recommend the technology and the team!
WhosOn case study
Care at the end of a keyboard

For the children and young people of Southampton and Hampshire, No Limits is a safe place to turn to for confidential support. The charity offers advice, counselling, support and advocacy to young people on the key issues affecting their lives.

To be accessible to its young audience, No Limits must be where they are. Increasingly, that means online, and within instant messaging tools.


The challenge

No Limits was striving to be as approachable as possible to the young people seeking their advice. The charity wanted to extend its existing support with a channel that was ideally placed for its audience: informal, user-friendly, and familiar.

With its instant messaging appeal, live web chat was the answer. However, the live chat solution had to bridge the popular with the protected, and meet No Limit’s strict safeguarding regulations. Enter WhosOn.


The solution

After researching multiple chat providers, it was only WhosOn that could tick all compliance boxes. No Limits used the free 30-day trial period to test WhosOn with team leaders, and engaged a focus group of Youth Ambassadors to assess the channel from an end user’s perspective.

When feedback was positive all-round, the charity moved forwards with an on-premises installation of WhosOn. Plus, the software came with support. No Limits benefited from technical training, bespoke window design and customised reporting, so the solution could slide into the organisation seamlessly.


The results

Through WhosOn, all objectives for the chat project have been met. Namely, No Limits has been able to:

  • • Create a casual, appealing online entry point for young people seeking support
  • • Increase the number of young people supported through extended accessibility
  • • Meet all safeguarding regulations and protect the privacy of end users
  • • Boost efficiency with custom reporting that allows conversations to be tagged and categorised
  • • Add a layer of trust and authenticity through a branded chat window
  • • Streamline admin processes, allowing employees to multitask while active in WhosOn


The feedback

“Through WhosOn, we’ve been able to extend the support we offer to young people, in a format that feels friendly and familiar. We’ve also had an excellent experience working with Parker Software. Everyone involved has been professional, patient and supportive.

Parker Software has been brilliant at resolving issues – from the great trainer, to the patient technical support, to the design of the chat window that complements the website and our branding. We’re really pleased with WhosOn and the service provided has been super.

We’d recommend the technology and the team!”

Jess Sulzmann, Communications Officer, No Limits