John Smedley

To drive additional revenue through the website whilst enhancing service
Preventing shopping cart abandonment and user dissatisfaction with an advanced live chat suite
Customers love the live chat, we receive more live chats than phone calls now.
Bringing John Smedley closer to their customers

John Smedley is a globally renowned leader in fine knitwear production. Over 225 years old, the retail giant is a must-have brand in department stores across the world. A high calibre retailer, therefore, needed an equally high calibre live chat solution to uphold its reputation.


The challenge

John Smedley’s quest is to continually innovate and evolve. Live chat was a key initiative in this evolution drive, identified as a means to improve online customer support and increase revenue.

For John Smedley, analytics and site optimisation were key. The company was looking for a solution that was intuitive enough to monitor website visitor activity in real-time whilst also providing historical statistics to reveal broader trends, enabling ongoing site enhancement.


The solution

WhosOn was the single live chat solution advanced enough to meet those requirements within budget constraints. John Smedley chose the cloud edition, safe in the knowledge that WhosOn was being maintained independently with no hardware infrastructure required.

To prevent the business losing enquiries, WhosOn's call back functionality was implemented.  John Smedley operates on a worldwide basis, and the personalised callback option helped them capture leads 24/7, regardless of office availability.

And to help gain insight into web, contact and cart abandonment trends,  John Smedley found all they needed in WhosOn's extensive analytics and reporting suite.


The results

Initially deployed on a trial basis only, WhosOn rapidly became a runaway success. Since its introduction:

  • • The number of chat agents has doubled to meet growing demand
  • • Online  revenue increased by a staggering 40%
  • • Shopping cart abandonment has reduced via proactive engagements
  • • Employee productivity rise, with agents able to deal with more enquiries in less time
  • • Significant reduction in call volume


The feedback

"Customers love the live chat, we receive more live chats than phone calls now."

John Smedley