Contact centre
To reduce fault resolution times and extend available contact methods
The installation of WhosOn live chat software, that drove customer satisfaction up to 95%
“Fault resolution rates increased to 86% and customer satisfaction is up to 95%; these are some of the highest published rates within the computer support industry.”

Bringing iYogi closer to their customers

iYogi offers remote technical support to 3 million customers in 11 countries across the globe. Its 4000 tech experts respond to some 20,000 service requests a day – meaning that resolution times have to be quick. iYogi wanted to make them even quicker.


The challenge

iYogi is on a rapid growth curve and was looking to build momentum. They were searching for an all-encompassing solution that would improve customer satisfaction, fault resolution times and employee productivity.

iYogi knew that its customers were demanding alternatives to traditional telephone and email support.  So, to meet this demand and remain true to their customer-focused culture, iYogi began researching digital communication channels.


The solution

iYogi embarked on an initial free trial of WhosOn to assess the impact of live chat on customer service. Within a matter of days the trial proved a success, with customers providing positive feedback on the new method of contact available to them.

The installable edition of WhosOn was iYogi's deployment of choice. As an alternative to the hosted platform, it enabled them to retain internal control of their mission-critical applications and server platforms.

Live chat was deployed prominently throughout the iYogi website, to improve their support service offering and to offer users an immediate form of contact.  And importantly, WhosOn was integrated into iYogi's CRM, so employees could give personalised service based on chat transcript records.


The results

With WhosOn, iYogi could offer instant resolutions onsite – without the need for users to pick up the phone or launch their email providers. Results included:


  • • Speedier resolution of problems, increasing fault resolution rates to 86%
  • • A broader range of communication options, driving customer satisfaction up to 95%
  • • Increased agent efficiency, with operators able to deal with multiple chats at once



The feedback

"As a result of implementing WhosOn, iYogi has seen fault resolution rates increase to 86% and customer satisfaction is up to 95%. These are some of the highest published rates within the computer support industry and act as a testament to the use of live chat within a support environment."