Travel & hospitality
To improve upon limited contact methods and drive conversion
Replacing a generic contact form with an analytical, multi-user and multi-domain live chat solution
The software is functional, easy to use and can only help your business improve its customer service.
Bringing Centerplate closer to their customers

Centerplate is a leading hospitality provider, accommodating 115 million guests across 300 international partner venues each year. In the UK alone, Centerplate caters to 300,000 people each week. A company with that level of demand needed a communication platform without limitations, and that’s where WhosOn entered the mix.


The challenge

With only a generic contact form on their website(s), Centerplate was missing opportunities to engage with — and thereby convert — their online visitors. Live chat was needed to capture and nurture those leads while they were still live onsite.

In its chat solution, Centerplate also required a supporting reporting and analytics suite to help them continually optimise website performance. And because Centerplate owns several sites across the UK, a solution that allowed multiple domain usage was essential.


The solution

Centerplate opted for a hosted dedicated WhosOn server. This deployment allowed them to manage multiple domains, with individual sales teams handling their own company web chats independently. Even better, these separate sites could be monitored simultaneously via Centerplate's Shared Service Centre, for an overall view of activity.


The results

First and foremost, WhosOn enabled Centerplate to directly engage with visitors in real-time, boosting both sales and service levels.  Beyond engagement and conversion, however, came intelligent analytics.

With WhosOn, Centerplate could measure and analyse web traffic, manage campaigns, assess SEO and PPC, and scrutinise visitor behaviour. They could then turn that data into action to optimise performance, reducing their reliance on Google Analytics.

Prior to the implementation of WhosOn, Centerplate were losing enquiries through having no form of real-time contact with prospects, they were seeing large numbers of visitors but not having the level of engagement. Since the software has been implemented, across the group they have averaged around 20 enquiries per site per week which would have previously been missed.


The feedback

"The analytical capabilities of WhosOn is a fantastic feature that allows us to see how our websites are performing, and through my administrator's role I can see all the sites visitors and activity on the one dashboard.

“Centerplate has been a client of Parker Software for over 3 years and have developed a great working partnership. No matter what the query we always get fantastic service which is, most importantly, fast.

I would certainly recommend the company and their software to anyone who has a customer facing website, the software is functional, easy to use and can only help your business improve its customer service.”

Amy Kirk, Sales & Marketing, Centerplate