Financial services
To reduce the time and cost spent ‘vetting’ customers
A live chat service that addresses document related challenges by collecting and verifying customer documentation in real-time
“Not only has the system streamlined processes & efficiencies in order for autonet to stay competitive, it has also improved both the customer journey & staff engagement.”
Bringing autonet closer to their customers

autonet is the UK's largest independent van insurance broker. With a team of over 700 employees, a turnover of over £100m and a customer base making some 600,000 calls per year, autonet required a live chat solution that could handle high volume.


The challenge

autonet needs to provide competitive pricing. To achieve this, the business ‘vets’ customers to lower the risk to insurers.

As part of the vetting process, driving licences and proof of no claims bonuses must be reviewed and verified.

Unfortunately, the process for obtaining this documentation was both time-consuming and costly. autonet struggled with repeat calls and administration intensive processes. Ultimately, this led to policy cancellation due to non-verification and slow, piece-meal interactions.

Live chat was needed. But any old software wouldn’t do: autonet needed an installable solution that allowed secure file exchange, mobile accessibility and expert training. Enter WhosOn…


The solution

WhosOn was installed on autonet’s servers and fully operational within a tight two-week timeframe.

An internal demo suite was used for training purposes, allowing agents to get accustomed to the system without being thrown in at the deep end.

WhosOn’s range of features allowed autonet to offer omni-channel communications, answer queries in real-time, verify documents instantly and alleviate contact centre pressures. The results are compelling.


The results

As well as the boost in competitiveness, customer satisfaction rocketed.

  • • First contact resolution increased, with immediate document verification
  • • Calls into customer service were reduced by 10% against forecast
  • • The cost and delay of postage and telephone was eliminated
  • • 89% of customers wanted to reuse the service
  • • Admin tasks dropped by 10%
  • • A 7% boost in service level agreement


The feedback

Chris McDonald, Head of Telecommunications at autonet, comments: “Live chat is a service that addresses autonet’s document related challenges by innovatively collecting and verifying documentation from customers electronically in real-time. Not only has the system streamlined processes and efficiencies in order for autonet to stay competitive, it has also improved both the customer journey and staff engagement.”

Agent testimonial: “As an advisor using live chat, I think it’s a brilliant idea. Not only does it give us the opportunity to help more than one person at a time, it gives the client peace of mind. They know that what they have sent to us has been dealt with there and then, and they are not going to have a letter through the post requesting more information. Chat releases some of the pressure from phones and emails. In turn, that lowers the chance of having backlogs in admin. My experience using this has been a very good one and it is something I would recommend to any customer we have."