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We’re delighted that you’ve landed on this corner of the website. We’re as proud of our story as we are of our software, and we’d love to share it with you.

Where it all started

Back in 2002, in a tiny back office, a business called Parker Technologies ticked over through small sales of accounts and HR software. That business was manned by just one smart developer – Stephen Parker.

To a small business like Stephen’s, the website was key to finding customers. In those days, Stephen hosted his own web server in the corner of the office. He needed a way of knowing who was on the website so that he could update the server without kicking off visitors.

No such tool existed. So, Stephen built one. This marked the birth of a prototype WhosOn product – a simple utility that showed who was visiting a website at any one time. Stephen quickly realised that WhosOn was a product he could sell online with ease. Seizing his chance to start something new, he formed Parker Software Ltd and began to sell this early version of WhosOn via a basic website.

A year later, Stephen thought it might be useful to add live chat functionality to the software. So, he went ahead and developed chat into the product. And there it was: the first edition of WhosOn as you see it today.

Where we are now

WhosOn was immediately successful, and led to rapid expansion for Parker Software. We started to chalk up more and more customers, in more and more countries. For us, that meant more employees, more offices and more R&D resource.

From that light bulb moment in a little back office, Parker Software now has a global presence, a portfolio of products and a multi-million pound turnover. It’s been a phenomenal journey, and it wouldn’t have been possible without our wonderful family of customers and employees.

We’ve built a custom HQ in our home town in Staffordshire, as well as expanding into Orlando to support our customers in the USA. We’ve added dedicated departments and filled them with dedicated people. And we’ve been busy winning lots of media coverage, awards, and new customers.

parkersoftware family

Where we're headed

The journey is only just beginning. We’ve got big visions for the future, with exciting plans for the evolution of WhosOn. We’ve always been committed to powering smart communications between company and customer. But as technology advances, so too must WhosOn.

The live chat market is growing. Thousands of companies are jumping on the bandwagon and developing copy-cat chat products. Few, however, are differentiating themselves. That’s not so with WhosOn.

The way consumers communicate with businesses is changing. One thing is for sure: in this changing world, WhosOn will never remain static.

where we're headed

The Parker Vision

create a conversation engine that makes business to customer communications easier, smarter and better.

The Parker Mission

making businesses more approachable and accessible through innovation.

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