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Your specialist for custom live chat deployments

Robust live chat software for organisations who need a tailored, watertight solution

The cookie-cutter approach to live chat isn’t for everyone. Sometimes, you need an advanced implementation shaped around specific needs. This is where our seasoned team can deliver.

Solving your live chat challenges

Highly regulated environments

WhosOn is designed for easily achievable compliance.

On-premises installations

Keep your sensitive chat data in-house, not a public cloud.

International rollouts

Veterans when it comes to tiered global chat projects.

Multi-site projects

Tailored chat across your portfolio of brands.

Custom feature needs

In-house developers craft your commissioned work.

Multilingual implementations

Get the application in the language(s) you need.

Start scoping your chat project

Before we start work on your chat project, we need to take the time to understand your business and its goals.

Then, we can recommend next steps, start planning any custom work and get you set up with a free trial.