Real-Time Chat Translation

Open to the World

Language differences can still create a barrier between people of different cultures and restrict a business from becoming international. How can this wall be overcome on your website?

Real-time chat translation enables your visitors to chat using their own language, WhosOn will translate the chat text to and from the visitor and can translate over 40 different languages.

For any large business this additional live chat feature should form a vital part of any international marketing plan, in order to breakdown the common language barriers faced.

The software allows you to ask the visitor if they would like to use translation at the start of a chat or simply use the GEOIP from the visitor browser setting to automatically detect and select the language used.

Testing Foreign Markets

Live chat translation software can also provide a platform for testing foreign markets. Using a paid search campaign to directly point visitors to a specific landing page – bypassing the normal customer journey - and monitoring chats and conversions can quickly give insight into the viability of a new market.

Benefits of Real-time Language Translation

  • Current Support for 43 Languages
  • Improved Customer Journey
  • Operator to Operator Translation
  • Increased Business Growth
  • Widen your Global Footprint
  • Resource Savings

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