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For a customer with a query, having a help desk service available on-screen for no additional cost can be the difference between staying on site and going elsewhere.

Rather than simply solving individual cases, help desk chat software can improve customer satisfaction, call centre efficiency, customer retention rates and increase the percentage of queries resolved at initial contact.


The features of WhosOn extend beyond that of a simple chat client. It can be synchronized with an existing knowledge base so its users can add and share chat transcripts outside of the normal across their company. Being able to do this with the click of a button can be a huge help when dealing with a string of new, consistent queries, such as issues following a software upgrade or hardware fault.

In addition to talking customers through their situation, it is possible for them to share their screen with an agent, or even allow them full control. Remote desktop sharing and control enable experienced agents to take visitors through a step by step solution without relying on giving potentially complicated instructions via text. This has uses in completing purchases as well as solving PC and software issues.


Whether required for confirmation or escalating an event when an issue can’t be resolved following a Live Chat, sessions can be easily escalated to a ticketing system.

Having a ticketing system integrated into the WhosOn product streamlines issue management processes and can assist productivity. Ticket entries can be customized to include custom data fields as well as attachments directly from email, as well as including details on issue category and required response times. Following submission, the status of tickets can be tracked and monitored through to completion.

We are more than just help desk software. To book a demonstration and see how WhosOn works from customer and agent perspectives, call us on 0330 0882 943 or fill in the form on our book a demo page or to find out more about our Tech Support Software click here

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